“We are people too” NBA referee admits a mistake

On the 30th (Korean time), NBA referees took to their official Twitter account, saying, “Referees make mistakes just like everyone else. We made one at the end of the game last night and it’s heartbreaking to us. This play will be ours. It will cause heavy, sleepless nights while I try to be the best referee I can be.”

Boston won 125-121 after a close match that went to overtime in the match between the Boston Celtics (hereinafter referred to as Boston) and the LA Lakers (hereinafter referred to as Lakers) held at TD Garden on the 29th. 메이저사이트

What drew everyone’s attention after the game was not Boston’s victory, but the scene that occurred during the Lakers’ final attack in the fourth quarter. The Lakers’ LeBron James attempted a drive-in layup with 0.7 seconds left in a 105-105 tie. However, Jayson Tatum of Boston was blocked and the game went to overtime. LeBron James expressed his dissatisfaction with the referee more than anyone else when no foul was called. 

As a result of watching it again on a slow screen, it was an obvious foul that had contact, and it was definitely a mistake that the referee didn’t call. In an interview conducted after the game, Lakers coaches Davin Hamm, Anthony Davis, and LeBron showed dissatisfaction with the referee’s decision. Lebron James said in an interview with the club reporter, “No matter how much I protest, nothing will change.”

The NBA released a two-minute report on the 30th. As a result of the NBA 2-minute report, there were two more misjudgments other than this decision. Two misjudgments worked against Boston. With 32 seconds left, the Lakers’ Anthony Davis fouled Boston’s Jaylen Brown for an offensive foul, but was not called. In the other, with 1:37 left in overtime, Lakers’ Russell Westbrook fouled Boston’s Jayson Tatum, but was not called.

It is regrettable that in the NBA, where the best players in the world gather, the outcome is being determined by decisions. Of course, the referees are doing their best, but too many misjudgments come out every day. We need the eyes of the referees.

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