Announcement] Busan unveils 2023 season uniform ‘STRONG SHIELD’

Busan I’Park unveiled its 2023 season uniform. Busan’s new uniform concept is ‘STRONG SHIELD’.

Even in the 2023 season, the shield pattern that embodies the emblem of Busan is maintained. In addition, it avoided monotony by using wave patterns that reminded us of Busan’s sea. It can be interpreted as meaning that the team hopes to show a stronger appearance than the 2023 season, like the surface of the sea, which is infinitely soft but sometimes strong.

The shield inserted into the home uniform has the opposite colors of white and red compared to last year. In addition, red color was given to the back to offset the disadvantage that it was difficult to check the number and name.

What is clearly different from the 2022 스포츠토토 season is the return of ‘Black’. After about 13 years since 2010, they used black pants and wanted to highlight the strength of the team. The sleeves and neckline were also accented with black color.

The most drastic change was the away uniform. Among HDC’s CIs, the ocean blue color was used to express the sea of ​​Busan. It is a cool and refreshing blue tone that can be easily approached by men and women of all ages. Like the home uniform, the use of wave patterns draws attention.

On the home and away goalkeeper kits, a pattern that seems to symbolize the ‘mountain’ of Busan stands out. Fresh and warm natural colors go well with patterns.

Busan held a special event for fans to check the 23rd season uniform in advance under the theme of monitoring the 23rd season uniform at home games last June. On this day, the fans who first checked the uniform through monitoring poured out special praise for the away uniform, which boasts a particularly cool color, saying, “It is the best ever.”

Regarding the release of the uniform, Busan expressed strong confidence in the uniform for the 2023 season, saying, “We did our best to harmonize the needs of the fans and regional characteristics. We ask for your love.” Sales are expected in early February.

On the other hand, Busan I-Park revealed the team number for the 2023 season, raising expectations for a solid team composition and organizational power. They are sweating hard to fully demonstrate the potential of Busan, which has become stronger.

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