Controversy over ‘Trigate’ followed by ‘T-Gate’ by bad boy Patrick Reed

Patrick Reed (33, USA)’s nickname is ‘a bad boy on the field’. He is so good that he won the 2018 US Professional Golf (PGA) Tour major tournament Masters, but his peers rank him as the number one player to avoid because of his rants and cheating. 먹튀검증 During college, he was kicked out of school for stealing his co-worker’s belongings, and when his parents, whom he had cut ties with during the 2014 US Open, came to the stadium, they called the police and kicked him out. He even went viral for remarks derogatory to sexual minorities. In particular, in the Hero World Challenge in December 2019, he received a two-stroke penalty for removing sand from the back of the ball, but was criticized for not acknowledging it.

Such Reid was again embroiled in controversy over cheating in the third round of the Dubai Desert Classic of the DP World Tour (former European Professional Golf Tour) held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE) on the 30th. In the 17th hole (par 4), Reed’s tee shot left the fairway and headed for a large palm tree. If he fails to find his ball during his golf game and is treated as a ‘lost ball’, he is subject to a two-stroke penalty. However, after declaring ‘unplayable’ after confirming that his ball was resting in the gap of a tree branch with his binoculars, he took a one-stroke penalty and hit his third shot near the tree and holed out with a bogey. However, after the game, suspicion arose that he pretended to check Reed’s ball when he did not actually check it. In the video of the match released on social media, Reed’s tee shot seemed to be headed for a different tree than the tree Reed said he had found. Golf Digest also reported that there were four or five more balls between the branches of the palm tree that Reed looked up through his binoculars.

In response, Reed said, “Obviously he checked my ball. If I hadn’t confirmed that it was 100% my ball, I would have gone to the tee box.” The senior competition commissioner also sided with Reed, saying, “I identified the tree on which Reed’s ball landed and confirmed the ball marked by Reed with binoculars.” In fact, the US media is reporting the controversy as a ‘tree gate’.

Even before the opening of this tournament, Reid greeted Rory McIlroy (34, Northern Ireland), the world’s No. 1, and threw a wooden tee in anger when he was ignored. McIlroy is accusing the players who moved from the PGA Tour to the LIV Golf Invitational Series, which was launched with Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund, as “traitors,” and the DP World Tour is also arguing that LIV Series players should be banned from participating. Reid moved to the LIV series last year. The American media is reporting the tree tee incident as a ‘tee gate’.

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