The road in front of Jeju Airport, sunk down 1m… Bus front wheel ‘thump’

A 1.2m deep sinkhole was created at the intersection at the entrance to Jeju International Airport. Fortunately, there were no casualties, but traffic congestion occurred around the airport while restoration work was being carried out.

■ A road that suddenly went dark… A bus wheel fell into a 1.2m deep sinkhole in front of Jeju Airport

. He said there had been an accident.

The sinkhole was found to be about 1.2m deep and 1.3m wide.

According to the rental car company, there were about 10 passengers on the bus, including pregnant women. Fortunately, there were no major casualties, but it was reported that some passengers complained of shock in the accident.

The driver who drove the bus in the accident 스포츠토토said in an interview with KBS, “I was driving on the road, and suddenly the driver’s seat wheel turned off with a ‘thud’ sound, and my body leaned forward. All the passengers, including me, were greatly surprised, and my neck and shoulders were also shocked . “I recalled that time.

“If the hole was bigger and had fallen a little deeper, the car would probably have fallen,” he said. “I was also concerned.

■ Restoration completed in about 2 hours after the ground was turned off… Due to traffic congestion,

the Jeju Provincial Police, who were arranging traffic in the Jeju Airport underpass, 150 meters away from the scene of the accident, dispatched to the scene and took charge of safety management such as traffic control in the area.

Vehicles visiting Jeju Airport rushed onto the road without knowing the fact that the land had collapsed, causing congestion in the area during restoration work.

The work to fill the hole in the road was completed around 11:30 am on the same day, about two hours after the accident.

■ “The road where the sinkhole occurred is the drainage construction section…separate from the recently opened Jeju Airport underpass”

This sinkhole is separate from the recently opened underpass in front of Jeju Airport, and it is It is presumed to have been affected by the drainage work.

The road where the sinkhole occurred is an area managed by Korea Airports Corporation Jeju Airport, and at the time, asphalt was removed for drainage construction and palm mats were laid. The drainage work ordered by Korea Airports Corporation Jeju Airport began on the 7th and is scheduled for the end of this month.

An official from Korea Airports Corporation’s Jeju Airport said, “As soon as the sinkhole accident was reported, an employee went out to the site to conduct safety management and carry out emergency restoration work, and we plan to temporarily pave the road tonight.” It is believed that the pig ground subsidence has occurred. After the ground is compacted, the road pavement will be completed at the end of this month.”

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