“The bus is missing” 1.2m down ‘thump’… Sinkhole at the entrance of Jeju Airport

A sinkhole with a depth of 1.2m was formed 메이저놀이터at the intersection at the entrance to Jeju International Airport, causing a bus wheel to fall off.

According to News 1 and the Jeju Autonomous Police Department on the 18th, at around 9:00 am on the same day, the wheels of a bus from a rental car company that was operating in the direction of Yeondong at the intersection at the airport entrance fell into a sinkhole and were towed away.

The site where the sinkhole occurred is where the drainage pipe construction ordered by Korea Airports Corporation Jeju Airport is being carried out, and the sinkhole is about 1.34m wide and 1.2m deep.

There were about 10 passengers on the bus at the time of the accident and no injuries were reported.

As a result of this accident, some lanes were closed for about 4 hours. Currently, all repair work has been completed and vehicle traffic is running normally.

The airport corporation said, “We are investigating the cause of the accident, leaving open the possibility that the ground has weakened due to the recent rain and the possibility that the drainage pipe construction has affected the ground subsidence.”

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