1.5 million won comes out of an empty bank account… The queue in front of the ATM is ‘frenzy’

Due to a technical error at Bank of Ireland, Ireland’s 스포츠토토largest bank, it was possible to withdraw up to 1,000 euros (about 1.5 million won) even if there was no balance in the account. According to Reuters and others on the 16th (local time) , photos and videos of long waiting lines in front of automatic teller machines ( ATMs ) all over Ireland were uploaded to the social network service ( SNS

) the night before . The reason people flocked to ATMs was because the fact that cash could be withdrawn from an empty bank account had spread. At the time, due to a technical error, it was possible to withdraw up to 1,000 euros to an Internet bank Revolut account linked to Bank of Ireland and then withdraw it through an ATM . Bank of Ireland said in a statement that day, “We apologize for the confusion.” “The money withdrawn will be recorded as a debt in the customer’s account,” he added, “but we will not charge interest on the amount withdrawn in excess of the balance.” Bank of Ireland is known to have become aware of problems with its app and online services after receiving complaints that it could not check balances or pay by card the previous afternoon.

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