The referee saved the crowd with quick judgment in an emergency situation

The ‘2023 Geumgangdaegi National High School Soccer Tournament’ referees are a hot topic by saving the unconscious spectators with their quick response in an emergency situation during the game.

According to the Gangwon-do Football Association, on the 11th, during the match between Chungnam Yesan Sapgyo FC and Gangwon Chuncheon City Sports Association U18 at the Gangneung Gangbuk Public Stadium on the 11th, when the third round of the preliminary round of this tournament was held, a man suddenly collapsed in the crowd opposite the main seat. Referees Shim Seok-woo and Kim Yu-yeong, who were waiting to prepare for the next game, discovered this and reported it to referee Lee Seung-joon, who immediately stopped the game and started first aid.

Referees Shim Seok-woo and Kim Yu-yeong took a defibrillator and headed it to the man, and when referee Kim Yu-yeon secured an airway first, referee Shim Seok-woo performed CPR. The spectator, who regained consciousness thanks to quick action, was transported to a nearby hospital by ambulance that arrived four minutes later, according to the Football Association. Referee Shim Seok-woo said, “I already had experience in performing CPR on a fallen player while refereeing in secondary leagues and club soccer.” I just did,” he said.토토사이트

Referee Lee Seung-jun said, “The ball went out in the middle of the second half, so I looked at the second assistant referee and saw someone collapsed in the crowd. He called the medical staff in and stopped the game.”

The Korea Football Association conducts CPR training for referees through referee refresher training once a year.

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