‘Give me an annual salary of 14.5 billion’ Rabio’s mother gave Man Utd another shot

Manchester United is aiming for Adrian Rabio (28, Juventus) to strengthen his back, but he met another reef. It is because of his mother and agent, Veronique Rabiot.

Manchester United agreed to the transfer of Ravio for 20 million euros (approximately 29.2 billion won) with Juventus in the transfer market last summer, but the final negotiations broke down when Veronique insisted on a salary increase.

Since then, Rabiot remains at Juventus and proves his worth. This season, he participated in 44 official games and recorded 11 goals and 4 assists, leading the team to second place in Serie A and advance to the semifinals of the Europa League.

Ravio’s contract expires this summer. He is negotiating a renewal contract with Juventus, but no progress has been made. He is currently receiving attention from a number of teams, so his future is unknown.

On the 15th, French L’Equipe said, “Man United has started moving to recruit Rabiot this summer. Manager Eric ten Hag wants to strengthen the midfield and has high regard for him. He strongly requested the club to sign him.”메이저사이트

The media paid attention to the fact that Manchester United moved to recruit Rabiot last summer. Again, Ravio asked for an annual salary of 10 million euros (14.5 billion won). He noted that it was not an easy negotiation, saying that he was interested in whether Manchester United would accept it.

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