“Thank you for hitting me gently” TB finish, Judge “I hoped for a miracle”

There are times when a hitting batter or a throwing pitcher intuitively senses that it is a home run the moment they are hit.

The intuition of the two tutas rarely goes awry. But sometimes the feeling is different.

Game 7 of the season between the New York Yankees and the Tampa Bay Rays held at Yankee Stadium on the 15th (Korean time). On defense in the bottom of the ninth, leading 8-7, Tampa Bay put closer Jason Adam on the mound.

Adam caught the lead Oswaldo Cabrera on a ground ball to second baseman and Glaber Torres on a floating ball to left field. Then home run hitter Aaron Judge appeared at bat. Judge, who recently returned from injury, recovered his power by hitting two homers the day before.

A home run equals the score, and Adam is bound to be nervous. However, Judge swung the bat unmistakably when Adam’s first pitch, a 79.5 mph sweeper, flew into the middle high course. Adam bent his back to 90 degrees as soon as the ball was hit. He felt it was a home run. The batted ball went toward the middle wall. However, center fielder Jose Siri caught it on the warning track.

Confirming this, Siri put her left hand on his chest and let out a sigh of relief.

It was a big hit that would sweep Adam’s chest away.

Judge’s batted ball had a speed of 111.9 mph and a distance of 399 feet immediately after hitting the bat at a launch angle of 38 degrees. He was a typical home run hitter. Statcast believed that the ball would have been a home run in 19 out of 30 ballparks.

If the ball goes over the fence, the score is tied 8-8 and Adam is given a blown save.

After the game, Adam said, “I thought I would fall in the 30th row (outfield stands). Thankfully, I think the jersey hit a little weaker than I thought.” So, it is very meaningful. I think I will be able to take a day off tomorrow and deal with the Mets comfortably from the day after tomorrow.”

How did Judge, the party involved, see this ball? He replied, “I hit it well, but I missed it. It floated too high. Besides, it flew into the deepest part of the outfield. I hoped for a miracle.”

Adam,먹튀검증 who was selected by the Kansas City Royals in the 5th round of the 2010 draft and turned pro, made his major league debut in 2018 after seven years of minor league life. After going through the Toronto Blue Jays and the Chicago Cubs, he became a journeyman and began to see the light after signing a free agent contract with Tampa Bay in March of last year.

He was a key setup man last season, going 2-3 with 8 saves, 22 holds, and a 1.56 earned run average in 67 games. He has 1 loss, 5 saves, 4 holds, and an ERA of 1.59 in 18 games this year as well.

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