“The central axis is the head, which must be fixed all the way”

Suji Kim (27), winner of the grand prize in the 2022 season of the Korea Women’s Professional Golf (KLPGA) Tour, Joo-hyung Kim (21), world number 14 in men’s golf, and Jin-young Ko (28), former world number one in women’s golf, consider swing the most important thing. It is the connection between the body and the arm. This is because if the body and arms do not move as one, the ball cannot be sent in the desired direction. 스포츠토토

Swing coach Lee Si-woo, who guides these players, also emphasized that they must perform a body swing in order to consistently rank in the top ranks. He said, “The connection between the body and the arms is one of the basics of the swing. During the backswing and follow-through, the armpits should not be wide open.” can,” he said.

Another reason this coach emphasizes the torso swing is because of its consistency. Coach Lee said, “You have to reduce the use of your wrists as much as possible. You can reduce ups and downs by using large muscles, not small muscles.” should be done,” he advised.

Swing order must be followed. Coach Lee said, “You have to move in the order of lower body – pelvis – torso – arms – wrists – hands in the entire swing process.” It also has the advantage of being able to wield it,” he explained.

The last thing coach Lee emphasized is fixing the central axis.

Coach Lee said, “It is because of the precise impact that players such as Kim Joo-hyung and Kim Su-ji can hit the ball on a solid green.” You can catch them all,” he said.

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