A turbulent Hanwha, a week of fate…But the opponent is Lotte-LG.

Hanwha is facing a week of fate.

It’s a really important week for the Hanwha Eagles. The opponent is quite burdensome. However, if you show competitiveness here, you can change the atmosphere and create an upward momentum.

Last week was a turbulent time for Hanwha. After a severe sluggish performance in April, the team was racking up victories in May. During the week, they won 2 consecutive wins in 3 home matches against the Samsung Lions and decorated the winning series. However, Hanwha made a shocking choice to sack manager Carlos Subero.

New coach Choi Won-ho immediately took the helm of the three-weekend match against SSG Landers. A lot of people pay attention, three consecutive away matches against defending champion SSG. It was a game that would have been very burdensome for new coach Choi. However, it ended successfully with 1 win, 1 draw and 1 loss against the leading SSG.

I took a day off on the 15th. Director Choi should start to blossom in earnest now. Although the ranking is 9th, it is 2.5 games away from 6th place Samsung Lions and 4.5 games away from 5th place Doosan Bears. It’s not a number that can’t be followed.

For the chase, this week seems to be very important. If the manager changed and we played 3 games right and left, now it’s a proper match. If a springboard for a rebound is prepared here, Hanwha can properly see the effect of the manager change. Conversely, if there is nothing significantly different from baseball during the previous Subero coaching years, both the players and the fans will be disappointed.

But the opponent is scary. Hanwha will face the 2nd place Lotte Giants and 3rd place LG Twins in turn this week. It is a 9-game series against teams in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in the league. It’s a very hectic schedule.

Lotte is the hottest team. After Pajuk’s 9 consecutive victories, last week also won two consecutive winning series against Doosan and KT Wiz. The sluggish starting pitchers revived and became a more terrifying team. LG is a difficult team to play against any team. The two-hit power itself is good. LG also won consecutive winning series against Kiwoom Heroes and Samsung Lions last week.

This season, Hanwha has already played three matches against both teams. 2 losses against Lotte and 1 win and 2 losses against LG. The first meeting was thirteen. However, Hanwha has also been in good spirits recently, and it is enough to instill expectations by showing that it is not pushed back in a power struggle even against the leading SSG.

Hanwha is going through a difficult time after the manager change, with fans holding a truck protest in front of the group’s headquarters. There is only one way to get through this predicament. It’s just about winning. In particular, if you see hope against strong teams Lotte and LG, it can be a great opportunity to calm the hearts of angry fans. Of course, it will prepare a stepping stone for a leap to the mid-level.

The key is the selection team.스포츠토토 Native ace Kim Min-woo was hit in the elbow and was eliminated from the entry. Prospective player Moon Dong-ju had the worst pitching match against SSG. It remains to be seen what Sanchez, who successfully made his KBO debut, will do in his second appearance. If the starting lineup holds up, when you see the situation where the bullpen is being maintained, you will have enough power to fight.

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