Spreading the video of the Sillim knife riot… “A busy street in broad daylight, I might get hit” Fear

On the afternoon of the 23rd, in the alley of a shopping mall near Exit 4 of Sillim Station on Seoul Subway Line 2, citizens in their 20s who died in the ‘Don’t Ask Mean Violence Incident’ continued to walk. There were many young people who couldn’t escape the shock, saying, “I could have been through it too.” As the video at the time spread rapidly through social media (SNS), citizens’ anxiety is growing. Jomo (33), who caused four casualties, was arrested that day.

On the wall of the memorial space, there were post-it notes with contents such as ‘I’m sorry, but I’m sorry’ and ‘This should never happen again’. Chrysanthemum flowers, snacks, alcohol, and beverages left by the mourners were also neatly placed. As it rained heavily from the morning of this day, some citizens left their ‘black umbrellas’. Personal information such as Cho’s real name, school he attended, and gambling debts were also written on one side of the wall.

Han Jin-woo (30), who works near Sillim Station, said after laying flowers, “I was shocked that this happened in a place with many memories메이저놀이터.” Kim Jeong-hee (44), who visited this place for the second day with her son, said, “A young person was beaten. How unfair must a dead person feel,” she lamented.

Since the incident happened in broad daylight in the middle of downtown Seoul, many citizens complained of anxiety. Nuri Ko (30), an office worker, said, “It is scary and unsettling because this happened in a busy street with many people.”

Four police officers from the Sillim Police Station also came to the scene of the incident and laid a wreath of chrysanthemums prepared in advance.

A look of uneasiness was evident on the faces of nearby merchants. Hwang Seo-yeong (58), who has been running a tarot cafe near the accident site for 10 years, showed off a three-dash stick for self-defense and expressed uneasiness, saying, “All the merchants around me bought self-defense items,” and “We decided to help each other if something happened.”

At the time of the incident, when CCTV footage from a nearby store containing the crime spread on social media, the police said, “It is a secondary offense to the bereaved family and victims and an act that creates public anxiety.” It was decided to request the Korea Communications Standards Commission to delete or block access to online bulletin boards that are repeatedly uploaded.

At the YouTube level, there is no device to prevent certainty. Although a warning message is displayed on the related video, ‘It may be inappropriate or offensive to some users’, a video that is not mosaic-processed in the form of ‘shorts’, a short video within 1 minute, is spreading around individual YouTubers.

Han Jun-ho (30), who accidentally clicked on the video while looking at YouTube, said, “I hope the platform or government regulates so that these videos that create anxiety are not shared, as was the case with the Itaewon disaster.”

Judge So Joon-seop of the Seoul Central District Court issued an arrest warrant for Mr. Cho, who is suspected of murder and attempted murder, after completing the interrogation of the suspect (warrant review) in about 10 minutes before arrest. Mr. Cho said, “I did it because it was so difficult” and “I am reflecting on it” before the screening. He continued, “I think it was a very bad situation from before. I did something very wrong,” he said. “I’m just a useless person. I’m sorry.”

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