Wake up call, give me this problem… Teachers share ‘parent abuse’ and resentment

At an elementary school in Seocho-gu, Seoul, after a second-year teacher made an extreme choice, suspicions grew that the teacher suffered from complaints from parents, and the anger of fellow teachers is boiling every day. There is a movement to go on a solidarity strike while collecting cases of suffering due to infringement of educational activities on social network services ( SNS ). The education authorities will launch a joint investigation into the death of a teacher from the 24th.

Summarizing the explanation from the education community on the 23rd, an elementary school teacher in northern Gyeonggi-do opened a padlet (a website where multiple people share content), collecting cases of infringement on educational activities that teachers have experienced, from excessive parental demands to abusive language and assault. As of 1:00 p.m. that day, about 1,400 posts were posted.

One teacher said, “When I had a remote class due to Corona, a student did not participate in the zoom class, so I called the parents and said바카라사이트, ‘What if the teacher gave me a wake-up call every day?’ When I refused, I called the Office of Education, saying, ‘What is the teacher doing?’” he confessed. “There was a parent who handed out a test paper he made, saying, ‘I’m upset because my child didn’t do well on the exam, so please raise your spirits by asking this question,’” and “I saw the teacher’s newest iPhone and begged me to buy it, so I was asked not to use the iPhone.”

There were also several reports that parents heard abuse and threats while dealing with school violence. Teachers said, “We received a report of school violence by a child in the class, and informed the parents of the situation by phone. On the way, I heard swearing, saying, ‘Is it only my child who did something wrong? He called the parents, and they said, ‘How much did you get from the other parent, so do you take that student’s side?’” he confessed.

Some teachers even expressed their intention to hold a solidarity strike on September 4, the 49th anniversary of the dead teacher. Previously, on the 21st, a post was posted on ‘Indie School’, a community of elementary school teachers, suggesting ‘Let’s take a love or sick leave on September 4, the 49th anniversary of the deceased’.

The author said, “If you can’t come out alone, someone will give it to you, but if you can’t get close to 5 to 10 people from a school, you won’t be able to give it back.” Other teachers responded by commenting, “I’m still inexperienced, but I’ll join in” and “We have to refuse classes nationwide.” Teachers are not guaranteed the right to strike under Article 8 of the ‘Act on the Establishment and Operation of Teachers’ Unions, etc.’.

With teachers protesting collectively, the education authorities will also launch an investigation into the death of an elementary school teacher from the 24th. On the 21st, the Ministry of Education said, “In order to find out the truth about the death of an elementary school teacher in Seocho-gu, Seoul, we are running a joint investigation team with the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education and Gangnam Seocho Office of Education, separate from the police investigation.

The Ministry of Education and the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education will form a joint investigation team of around five people to conduct an intensive investigation for four days from the 24th to the 27th. The joint investigation team plans to first visit the school in question, interview the principal, vice principal, and fellow teachers to identify the issue, and then check the teacher’s job division, the current status of class replacement, and the current status of handling issues related to school violence. The current status of the School Rights Protection Committee, the working status of the Education Administrative Information System ( NEIS ), and the number and sending of documents are also looked into.

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