Deputy Prime Minister of Taiwan, who opened his mouth on the ‘suspicious package’ that upset Korea, “tracked to the end”

On the 21st, a high-ranking Taiwanese government바카라사이트 official expressed his will to trace the truth to the end regarding the ‘suspicious parcel’ reported nearly 1,000 cases a day alone.

According to the Taiwanese newspaper network on the 22nd, Jeong Won-chan, the deputy prime minister of Taiwan, said that the parcel was first sent from China as a result of an investigation by the Taiwan Criminal Bureau on the morning of the same day. “The parcel was sent by cargo mail from Shenzhen, China to Taiwan, and then sent back to Korea via Taiwan Post (China Post),” said Vice Director Jeong. He added that he has set up a dedicated team to investigate further. He emphasized, “We will conduct a follow-up investigation to the end and review all circumstances,” and “this case must be handled with a high level of alertness.” The Taiwanese mission to Korea also announced on its homepage on the 21st, “As a result of the investigation, it was found that the parcel was initially sent from China, transited through Taiwan, and finally reached Korea.”

Earlier, on the 20th in Ulsan, a package suspected of containing gas poison was delivered to a welfare facility for the disabled, followed by similar reports across the country. According to the police, 987 112 reports about this suspicious package were received nationwide on the 21st alone. Since then, reports of similar parcels being delivered continue across the country, so the number of reports received is expected to increase further.

It has been confirmed that the parcels contain cheap items such as lip balm at random or are empty. Poisonous substances and other harmful substances have not yet been detected, so the possibility of terrorism appears to be low. ‘ CHUNGHWA POST’ written

on a yellow or black mailing envelope by the police. , If you find a package with ‘ POBox 100561-003777, Taipei Taiwan’ written on it, do not open it and ask to report it to the nearest police station or 112 immediately.

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