Qin Kang, the Chinese wolf warrior, has disappeared

Recently, the diplomatic and security lines of Korea, the United States, and Japan must have paid attention to this person. Chinese Foreign Minister (Minister) Qin Gang.

I was worried about disappearing from the official event for a month, but on the 25th, I was suddenly dismissed. He was unexpected news. He caused quite a stir. One of the only five members of the State Council (administrative branch) of China was kicked out for no apparent reason.

While Director Chin Kang was out of sight, speculations circulated. Rumors of immorality, rumors of corruption, and even rumors of infidelity. The Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs explained that it was a “health problem”, but soon repeated the answer that “there is no information to provide”.

No information? I don’t know? The minister’s whereabouts are unknown, but the ministry’s official response has been vague. Curiosity grew into suspicion, and the question of why he was dismissed is still unanswered.

Qin Gang became the shortest-serving foreign minister ever to be dismissed after seven months. This is in contrast to the 10-year tenure of Commissioner Wang Yi, the former head of the department.

Qin Gang, the Wolf Warrior,

leaves Qin Gang as a representative figure of ‘Wolf Warrior Diplomacy’. Warfare is when China uses coercive diplomatic tactics, such as the threat of force-based retaliation.

Qin Kang has a famous anecdote.

In January of last year, when I was serving as the ambassador to the United States, I said this in an interview with a US radio broadcast. “If Taiwan continues on its path of independence with the help of the United States, there is a high possibility that the two great powers, China and the United States, will be involved in a military conflict.”

No matter how much the Taiwan issue is a core interest that China cannot concede, it was crossing the line of diplomacy for the ambassador to mention the possibility of a military clash between the host country and the home country.

In a public appearance in April, Qin Gang also카지노사이트 made a radical statement targeting South Korea, saying, “Those who play with fire over the Taiwan issue will surely burn themselves to death.”

Qin Kang’s

sudden dismissal is also a mystery, but the appointment of Wang Yi, a member of the Central Political Bureau of the Communist Party, as the successor to Qin Kang’s superior, is also full of questions.

Wang Yi handed over the post of Minister of Foreign Affairs to Qin Gang and was promoted to a member of the Central Political Bureau (the highest rank of 24), the party’s leadership, and then concurrently held the position of Minister of Foreign Affairs. This kind of appointment is rare.

Why did you say such an embarrassing greeting? There is a strong observation that the Chinese leadership had something to say, and first of all, a prescription for tinkering to turn off the urgent fire. It means that there is no one more suitable than the king with 10 years of ministerial experience to deal with the confusion and deal with urgent matters.

Will Wolf Diplomacy Disappear When Wolves Disappear? As

Qin Gang appeared as the foreign minister at the end of last year, there were concerns about war diplomacy. So, now that the wolf warrior is gone, it is speculated that there will be no wolf diplomacy to Korea or the United States for the time being.

But it’s too early to conclude. This is because the king was the commander of the THAAD retaliation that started in 2016. However, among experts, China has recently been holding high-level talks with US Secretary of State Blincoln, Treasury Secretary Yellen, and Kerry Climate Special, and the recovery of the Chinese economy is weaker than expected, so there are many analyzes that war diplomacy such as economic retaliation will not be easy.

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