“I lost 26% of my weight” This injection, which is also suitable in Korea, new clinical results

New clinical results of a new drug that reduced카지노사이트 weight in obese patients by up to 26.6% were announced. With a drug called tirzepatide developed by Eli Lilly, participants received the drug for 72 weeks and 88 weeks, respectively, in two clinical trials. Terzepatide is currently only used for type 2 diabetes, but is expected to be approved as an obesity treatment within this year at the earliest.

U.S.-based Eli Lilly announced the results of two clinical trials related to terzepatide on the 27th (local time). The goal is to prove the effectiveness of terzepatide in obese patients with trials called ‘ SURMOUNT-3 ‘ and ‘ SURMOUNT-4 ‘, respectively .

Turgepatide is licensed in the United States under the name ‘ Mounjaro ‘. It is now used to treat type 2 diabetes. Terzepatide is a once-a-week injection and is a drug in the class of glucagon-like peptide -1 ( GLP-1 ) receptor agonists. Earlier this month, it was approved as a diabetes treatment in Korea.

In the SURMOUNT-3 trial, clinical participants lost up to 26.6% of their body weight. Participants first actively improved their lifestyle through a low-calorie diet and exercise for 12 weeks. After that, terzepatide and placebo (placebo) were administered once a week for 72 weeks.

After 72 weeks, patients who received terzepatide lost an average of 21.1% of their body weight. In contrast, patients who received a placebo gained 3.3% of their body weight. In the terzepatide patient group, during the 12-week lifestyle improvement and 72-week administration period, their body weight decreased by 26.6% compared to the initial time before participation in the study.

In the SURMOUNT-4 trial, participants lost an average of 26% of their body weight. All participants received terzepatide once a week for the first 36 weeks. For the next 52 weeks, the clinical trial was conducted by dividing the group into a terzepatide treatment group and a placebo group.

As a result of the test, the terzepatide-administered group lost an additional 6.7% in body weight in a blinded experiment of 52 weeks. In contrast, the placebo-treated patients gained 14.8% more weight. The terzepatide patient group reduced body weight by 26% for a total of 88 weeks, including the first 36 weeks of administration and the subsequent 52-week trial period.

Eli Lilly said the safety of terzepatide was similar to that reported in previous clinical trials. The most frequently reported side effect is gastrointestinal upset. Most were mild or moderate.

The specific results of the SURMOUNT-3 and SURMOUNT-4 clinical trials will be presented at the annual conferences of the American Society for International Obesity and the European Diabetes Research Association in October. Eli Lilly said that terzepatide could be approved as an obesity treatment within this year at the earliest.

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