“Joo Ho-min’s son, especially a small female student, was hit, and the special teacher rather wrapped up and appealed for mercy” Parents’ shock testimony

While Ho-min Joo, a famous webtoon writer스포츠토토, reported a special teacher teaching his son with developmental disabilities (autism) for child abuse in September of last year, Ho-min Joo and his wife had their autistic son bring a tape recorder to school in May of this year. A circumstance is known. In JTBC’s

‘Incident Chief’ , which aired on the 28th, other parents reported about Joo Ho-min’s son’s school life. One parent claimed, “(Joo Ho-min’s son) has been beating his kids since he entered school in 2021,” and “mostly he hit girls who are smaller than him.” He continued, “Since mothers don’t know much about disabilities, and because I’m Joo Ho-min’s son, I just let them go.” On September 5 of last year, Joo Ho-min’s son took down his pants in front of a female student during an integrated class. As a result, the female student suffered psychological shock and was afraid to come to school, so Ho-min Joo’s son was separated from the class. In response, Ho-min Joo and his wife sued the special education teacher who took the action for child abuse.

Other parents said that the special education teacher showed a very protective attitude toward Joo Ho-min’s son. It is said that the victim’s mother said, “Why are you taking the child’s side like this?” In response, the teacher is known to have said, “You’re my student. Please be kind to your mother just once.” However, the following week, the teacher was dismissed from the position after being accused of child abuse by Joo Ho-min.

In this regard, Joo Ho-min announced a statement saying, “I am not a parent who stirs up teachers.” However, another parent testified, “(Joo Ho-min’s son)’s mother contacted the school or teacher on weekends and nights and made too many requests, so it’s true that she roasted them.”

Joo Ho-min and his wife revealed that after the school violence incident in September of last year, their son continued to show anxiety and fear, so they had a recorder. Regarding this, it was also revealed on the broadcast that Joo Ho-min and his wife put the tape recorder in their son’s pants in May of this year.

According to the parents, other parents were surprised when the tape recorder fell from Joo Ho-min’s son’s pants, and the Joo Ho-min couple claimed, “The activity assistant teacher had a problem and tried to check it. The homeroom teacher understood.”

However, the homeroom teacher told the Joo Ho-min couple, “If you have something to record next time, please tell me first.” Ho-min Joo and his wife are known to have made another explanation to the activity assistant teacher about their son’s possession of a tape recorder, saying, “We are trying to get the child’s disability grade reviewed.”

Regarding the controversy, Joo Ho-min issued a statement on the 26th and said, “The recording contained a situation that was difficult to see as simple discipline.” Please wait until the trial results come out to see if it was abuse.”

Currently, about 80 parents and teachers have submitted a petition to Criminal 9 of the Suwon District Court, which is in the process of hearing Mr. A, charged with violating the Act on Special Cases Concerning the Punishment, etc. is in a state They are known to have written a petition seeking leniency from the court so that Mr. A can return to the church.

Special teacher A is about to face the third trial at the Suwon District Court on August 28th. On this day, the defendant’s interrogation of Mr. A is scheduled to proceed.

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