Members of the Democratic Party, ‘Lee Hwa-young’s request for interview’ were rejected one after another

As the fate of Lee Jae-myeong depends on the trial of former deputy governor Lee Hwa-young, the Democratic Party is also keenly aware.

Members of the Democratic Party are requesting스포츠토토 a visit to former deputy governor Lee, who is in prison, but is being denied every time.

Reporter Kim Yu-bin reports alone and continues as a reporter who knows what the situation is with the former deputy governor.

Members of the Democratic Party of Korea applied for a special visit to meet Lee Hwa-young, former deputy governor of Gyeonggi-do, who is being tried after being arrested for suspicion of ‘souble-drop remittance to North Korea’, but was rejected one after another.

Members of the Democratic Party’s Human Rights Committee and Law Committee applied the day after tomorrow, and Rep. Min-seok Ahn applied on the 28th, but they were all rejected today. 

Rep. Joo Cheol-hyeon said, “I applied for an interview to find out the authenticity of the suspicions related to the prosecution’s statements, such as the former vice-governor’s handwritten letter and her spouse’s petition.” Members of the Democratic Party are arguing that

the prosecution conducted an investigation of manipulation of human rights suppression after the prosecution’s statement that “I reported the contents of remittances to North Korea to Gyeonggi Governor at the time Lee Jae-myeong.” [Park Beom-gye / Member of the Democratic Party of Korea] (Yesterday/Suwon District Prosecutor’s Office visit) “Can a person be trampled on in the name of human rights investigation, but visit with such a critical mind? ” [Yoo Sang-beom / Chief Spokesperson for People’s Power]

“Isn’t it because you know that the purpose of the belated Democratic Party lawmakers’ protest visit is just one, ‘saving Representative Lee Jae-myung’?”

Even within the Democratic Party, critics criticized the former deputy governor’s interview application for an interview with the former deputy governor, saying, “An action that only strong supporters will like” and “I wonder if it is an action that meets the public’s eye level.”

This is Kim Yu-bin from Channel A News.

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