“Whose family is a precious daughter”… Middle school girls good deeds ‘touched’ in heavy rain

In Changwon, Gyeongsangnam-do바카라사이트, where roads were once locked due to heavy rain, a story was told of four middle school girls who took off their feet and dug through a sewer to prevent further damage. According to Gyeongnam MBC

on the 24th, on the afternoon of the 16th, the six-lane round-trip road in front of an apartment in Jinhae-gu, Changwon was locked due to heavy rain. This is a habitually flooded area where roads are flooded every year during the rainy season, and at that time, rainwater was known to be up to the height of an adult’s knee. At this time, four first-year female students attending the nearby Shinhan Middle School appeared. In the ankle-deep rain, they used an umbrella to find a clogged drain and start clearing out the trash. The students said, “Let’s take it out with our feet, with our feet,” and cleaned various garbage, fallen leaves, and foreign substances buried in about six sewers for about two hours. As a result, water began to flow into the sewer like a whirlwind. They were delighted, “Wow, we really drained a lot of water,” and left after cleaning the road, such as collecting the remaining garbage with brooms and slippers. Kim Yeon-woo, one of the students who cleaned up the trash at the time, explained to the media, “There were earthworm corpses, and there were a lot of beer cans, boxes, plastics, especially tree branches and fallen leaves.” Regarding the reason why Lee Kyu-eun Yang came out himself, he said, “The water was deeper than I thought, so I thought that if I didn’t clean it up, I would be flooded at all.” In response, netizens said, “I saw the damage from the heavy rain, but seeing the students gave me strength”, “It’s amazing that they acted so pretty because they were precious daughters of someone’s family”,

Meanwhile, upon hearing this news, the Changwon Office of Education is known to be reviewing awarding citations to students.

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