Kim Byung-min “Feng Shui scholar Baek Jae-gwon is the secret line?

Baek Jae-kwon “‘Dragon Dream’ Taemong Kim Kun-hee, it was unusual… He did not answer Kim Hye-kyung’s ‘First Lady’ question” Kim Byeong-min, the supreme member of the People’s Power, said, “If you start a

political offensive in that way, I wonder if Baek Jae-kwon, an adjunct professor at the Cyber ​​Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, is the secret line of the Democratic Party representative Lee Jae-myung.”

Commissioner Kim appeared on KBC’s <Yeouido Invitational> on the 25th and responded to media reports that President Yoon Seok-yeol and former Kovana Contents representative couple met Professor Baek since he was the chief of the Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office and even talked about prenatal dreams .

He then asked back, “If during the presidential primary, we even asked about the ‘First Lady Award’ and talked seriously about the possibility of future presidential elections, wouldn’t the relationship between those parts be much bigger?”

Regarding the opposition’s attack on civilian intervention in state affairs, Commissioner Kim criticized, “The opposition party’s allegation that the presidential residence was changed to the Foreign Minister’s official residence after Cheon-gong visited the Army Chief of Staff’s official residence turned out to be all fake news.” At the same time, ” The TF

before the official residence at the timePrivate experts바카라사이트, not public officials, were also included. In particular, Commissioner Kim took the

Gwanghwamun Presidential Committee, which was formed for the Blue House’s promise to relocate to Gwanghwamun during the Moon Jae-in administration, as an example, saying, “(Chairman) Yoo Hong-joon, chair professor at Myongji University, also argued that the presidential residence should be moved, mentioning feng shui and mentioning feng shui.”

On the other hand, in an interview with several media last year, Professor Baek revealed that he had met President Yoon Seok-yeol and Lee Jae-myeong and talked about conception and contemplation.

Professor Baek said in an interview with <Women’s Economy Newspaper> in March of last year, “When I met Candidate Yoon’s couple, I thought Kim Geon-hee’s prenatal dream was unusual. So, I asked Kim, ‘My parents must have had an unusual prenatal dream. What kind of prenatal dream did they say they had when they were pregnant?’

At the time, he explained about Kim’s prenatal dream, “Dragon dream symbolizes power and also means the head of an organization or group.” “The presidential candidate’s wife dreamed of a dragon that symbolizes power, and the dragon came out wearing a large hat on her head. I wonder if we will know the true meaning of prenatal dream after this presidential election is over.”

Professor Baek also said in an interview with <Monthly Chosun> in February of last year, “Around the beginning of the 2017 Democratic Party presidential election, a representative of a media company I knew contacted me.”

He continued, “I didn’t answer that question. Then (Mr. Kim) turned around and asked again. But he still didn’t answer. Then, he said, ‘Which one of us is more contemplative? Don’t you like me better?’ So she said, ‘I like Mayor Lee (Jae Myung)’s contemplation better than her wife’s,” and she said, “I’m sorry for Kim Hye-kyung, but she couldn’t be wrong.”

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