“I’m at the hospital with my mother” school and parents ‘bounce’ on elementary school student kidnapping attempt

Schools and parents are trembling with anxiety바카라사이트 after a police report that an unidentified man approached an elementary school student and attempted to kidnap an elementary school student, saying, “I will take you to my mother.”

According to the Incheon Samsan Police Station on the 24th, the police are currently investigating an unknown male, B, who allegedly approached 5th grader A at an academy in Bugae-dong, Bupyeong-gu, Incheon on the 21st.

Summarizing the contents of the report, Mr. B approached Mr. A who was on his way home from the academy at the time and said, “My mother is sick and is in the hospital. She will take me when I get into the car.” A rejected Mr. B’s proposal and called his mother, Mr. C, to inform him of this fact. It is known that Mr. B, who saw Mr. A calling his mother, hurriedly left the place.

As the police investigation progressed, anxiety among schools and parents increased. The school sent a message to parents on the 21st, the day of the incident, saying, “Recently, there are people trying to kidnap elementary school students in vans around schools and academies. We ask for safety guidance so that students can be careful when going out.”

The police are investigating the circumstances of the incident with the parents of group A, while focusing on identifying the identity of Mr. B who allegedly approached group A.

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