Office worker who stole more than 100 million won from metallurgy by 5,000 won

An office worker who embezzled a large sum스포츠토토of more than 100 million won by stealing around 10,000 won from the company was sentenced to prison.According to the legal community on the 29th, Judge Kim Yoon-hee of the 9th criminal division of the Seoul Southern District Court sentenced Mr. Lee (34), an employee of a custom-made suit company, to 1 year in prison and 2 years probation for embezzlement. From March 2021 to July of last year, Mr. Lee was handed over to trial on charges of embezzling about 110 million won over 518 times while working on ordering, manufacturing, and shipping at the company’s headquarters. When Mr. Lee was in his second year at the company, he became short of money due to wasteful household expenses, so he deposited a small amount of sales proceeds deposited from the branch office to the head office into his own account and kept it. Her stolen money was used for personal purposes such as entertainment and living expenses.Most of the amount stolen at one time was 13,000 won, which came in as a shipping fee, and there were as little as 5,000 won and as much as 1.41 million won. He frequently siphoned off small amounts of shipping, fabric, and repair costs, and as the crimes continued, the total amount eventually reached 100 million units. Lee, who continued his bold crimes, paid back 45 million won of his embezzlement when the crime was discovered and handed over to trial.The court judged the crime to be bad and sentenced him to prison, but suspended the execution considering that Mr. Lee paid back part of the money and agreed with the company.

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