Joo Ho-min, “It wasn’t just discipline” in the controversy over ‘special teacher child abuse report’

Ho-min Joo, a webtoon writer and YouTuber온라인바카라, expressed his position on the case of accusing a special teacher who was in charge of a son suffering from a developmental disability for child abuse. On the 26th, Joo Ho-min posted a long article onhis social network service ( 

SNS ) account, saying, “I am writing to inform the facts about what has recently been published in an article about me and my child.”Mr. Joo revealed that he expressed anxiety and fear and refused to go to school from the day his son was separated from the special class due to unexpected behavior in the class in September of last year. At the same time, he went to school with a recorder in his son’s bag, saying, “Due to the nature of children with developmental disabilities, who are second graders in elementary school, accurate communication was impossible, and there was no way to communicate the situation because only children with disabilities were taught in special classes.” explained why it was done.”The recording contained situations that were hard to see as simple discipline, and I was shocked, but first, I sought external advice to determine if there was a problem from an objective point of view, not a subjective judgment,” he said. “A total of five lawyers and the child abuse officer at Yongin Police Station We consulted with him,” he said.Mr. Joo said that in the case of emotional child abuse, he reported it to the police after thinking about the fact that it is difficult to replace a teacher at the Education Office’s own discretion and that action can only be taken according to the results of the investigation by the judicial agency.At the same time, he emphasized that the class in which his son’s sudden behavior occurred was not the class of the special teacher who is currently in conflict, but the class of another general teacher. I did, and I think it is clearly a problem.”Mr. Joo also said that he was “sorry” for the children who were harmed by his son’s unexpected behavior. He said, “We apologized to the other child and parents, and they accepted the apology very gratefully, forgave the child and reached an amicable agreement.” “he said.He also emphasized, “The allegation in the article that the parents are pouring out now and that the teacher is annoyed with the child with the stress is not true.”He speculated, “I am only distressed that the teacher’s duties are suspended and I am causing great distress to other parents. So I understand that you would have petitioned.”Finally, Mr. Joo said, “Since the relevant case is currently under trial, I would appreciate it if you wait until the trial results come out to determine whether the teacher’s actions were legitimate discipline or abuse of a child with developmental disabilities.” We have taken legal action against the act of defaming our family with untruthful facts.”The previous day, Maeil Business News reported that a trial was underway after a webtoon writer accused A, a special education teacher at an elementary school in Yongin, Gyeonggi Province, for child abuse. Afterwards, a controversy arose when Joo Ho-min was pointed out as the webtoon writer in question online.The media reported that the parents who sued Mr. A claimed child abuse charges as evidence of Mr. A’s voice, who was annoyed, saying, “I will not be able to make other friends because I have been separated” in the process of stopping his son B’s behavior. Previously, Group B had been separated due to school violence by lowering his pants in front of a female student.Group B’s mother is said to have collected her evidence by sending her son to school with her tape recorder turned on in her bag.However, other parents submitted a petition to the court demanding leniency for Mr. A, and fellow teachers were also reported to have made statements to the effect that Group B had many problematic behaviors, such as hitting teachers and other students.

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