“Even the devil will cry”… ‘Indignation’ at the appearance of a ‘fake donation box’ in the memorial space of Sillim Station

While a memorial space for victims has been prepared메이저놀이터 near the place where the indiscriminate stabbing incident occurred at Sillim Station, a man who tried to raise money without the consent of the victim’s family is caught and is incensed.

On the 26th, an online community posted several photos taken in the memorial space of Sillim Station along with an article titled ‘The current status of the Sillim Station fundraising box’.

In the photo, an unidentified box is placed at the memorial site filled with chrysanthemum bouquets and alcohol left by citizens.

On this box, it was written ‘donation box’ and ‘delivered to the bereaved family’.

It turned out that this was a collection box that a man had placed without permission from the bereaved family.

An acquaintance of the victim who visited the scene at the time saw this and was indignant and forcibly removed the collection box, but the man was said to have continued to put it there.

Eventually, the police visited the scene and took action to collect the collection box, and only then was the man known to leave with the box.

As the photo spread, netizens responded negatively, such as “Do you think of making money with other people’s sorrow?”, “Why do you live your life like this?”, “Even the devil cries”, and “Crying the bereaved twice”.

On the other hand, on the 21st, in Sillim-dong, Gwanak-gu, Seoul, Chosun (33) swung a weapon at a citizen without a face, killing one person and seriously injuring three others.

At the time, Joseon only committed the crime against men, and in response to this, he made a statement to the effect that “I felt inferior to men of my age who were shorter than others and had better physical and economic conditions than me for a long time, and I wanted to make others unhappy.”

The Seoul Gwanak Police Station completed a psychopath diagnostic test for Joseon, who was arrested on charges of murder and theft today (27th), and is scheduled to be sent to the prosecution on the 28th.

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