Arrested man in his 20s for warning ‘I will kill 20 women at Sillim Station’

A man in his 20s who posted a message on the Internet saying, “I will kill 20 women at Sillim Station,” was arrested by the police on the 27th.

Lee Min-soo, chief judge in charge바카라사이트 of warrants at the Seoul Central District Court, questioned the suspect (warrant review) before arresting Lee this afternoon and issued an arrest warrant, saying, “There is a concern that he may flee.”

According to the police, Mr. Lee is suspected (threatened) of posting an article on the online community DC Inside Male Celebrity Gallery on the 24th at 2:17 pm saying, “I will kill 20 women at Sillim Station on the 26th.”

Mr. Lee called 112 from his home in Incheon at 1:44 am the next day and announced his intention to surrender. The police immediately arrested Lee and analyzed his computer and mobile phone to investigate whether Lee had actually prepared for the murder.

Mr. Lee also captured the screen of the purchase of the weapon on the Internet and attached it to the post. As a result of checking with online shopping malls, the police confirmed that they had not actually purchased the weapon because they canceled it after ordering it.

The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s Cybercrime Investigation Unit applied for an arrest warrant the day before, however, saying that there was a concern that Lee’s post on DC Inside might be destroyed, as it was delayed by the fact that he deleted the article he posted on DC Inside.

During the police investigation, Mr. Lee said, “I felt anger when I saw posts related to the Sillim-dong incident in the DC Inside Gallery.”

While attending the warrant review this morning, he did not answer reporters’ questions such as “Is it true that he purchased the weapon?”

After confirming the fact that three notices of ‘I will kill in the Sillim Station area’ were posted in the comics/stock gallery, we are tracking down the authors.

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