“It’s a pity that the zero march was broken, I’m pushing for the first place in the save”… SSG Seo Jin-yong, vows to cut and plant hair

On the afternoon of the 23rd, ahead of the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League SSG and LG confrontation, Incheon SSG Landers Field 1st base dugout.

SSG finishing pitcher Seo Jin-yong (31) drew attention with his hair. Because Seo Jin-yong appeared in the dugout with his shaggy hair neatly cut. When the reporters asked, “Have you cut your hair?” Seo Jin-yong, with a shy expression, said, “Yes,” and hurriedly moved to the locker room.

After a while, Seo Jin-yong met with the reporters again and said, “I was going to cut my hair, but the timing wasn’t right and there were no runs, so I didn’t cut it. Actually, it was frustrating. It’s nice to have a haircut. Well, there is nothing like that,” he said, regretting, “I laughed after being hit by Kim Min-seok.

Seo Jin-yong took the mound at the end of the 9th inning with the team leading 6-2 in an away game against Lotte at Sajik Stadium on the 21st. Seo Jin-yong, who had 16 saves in 20 games until the previous game, had an ERA of 0. However, Seo Jin-yong gave up consecutive walks to Kang-Nam Yoo, Seung-Min Ko, and Seung-Wook Park in the Lotte game at the time, and was driven to the bases safely, and Kim Min-seok hit a sacrifice fly to the left fielder and conceded one run. Afterwards, Seo Jin-yong kept the mound without conceding any additional points, and SSG took the victory.

Regarding the fact that the march with an ERA of ‘0’ was broken, Seo Jin-yong said, “It was going to be broken anyway. I’m going to be number one in saves, so I just have to keep pushing. The team wins, but if you finish well from behind, that’s the best.” Even a great pitcher can never do it, and I am satisfied and proud that I did it for 20 games. In the future, I will continue with saves.”

On this day,메이저놀이터 SSG coach Kim Won-hyeong also has a strong sense of Seo Jin-yong, who is firmly guarding the back door at the beginning of the season. Coach Kim met with reporters before the game and said, “In fact, I was very worried about Jin-yong Seo until the demonstration game. He was a suitable player as a finisher this season. ‘s stake is the largest,” he said vigorously.

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