‘Glass body disgrace’ The man with 242.3 billion won finally returns to the big leagues

Jacob deGrom, who has the stigma of ‘glass body’, is finally recovering from his injury and is about to return.

Pitcher deGrom of the Texas Rangers pitched in the bullpen ahead of the game against the Pittsburgh Pirates on the 23rd (Korean time). He threw a total of 32 balls, all fastballs, to check his senses. DeGrom will make his second bullpen pitching ahead of the Baltimore Orioles on the 27th, this time he will throw an extra breaking ball.

Texas manager Bruce Bochy gave the green light to return, saying, “It’s really, really good. DeGrom’s condition is also very good, and he says there is nothing special about pitching in the bullpen.”

“Although an exact return date has not been finalized yet, he will be able to return to the roster without further rehabilitation,” said Bochy.

DeGrom,먹튀검증 who was the “ace” of the New York Mets, signed a five-year, $185 million (approximately 242.3 billion won) contract with Texas ahead of this season. However, deGrom, who has been plagued by injuries since his days with the Mets, has been plagued by injuries since the beginning of the season even after the transfer.

DeGrom, who had only appeared in 26 games over the past two seasons with the Mets, started against the New York Yankees on April 29 and was replaced in the fourth inning due to a sudden injury. After an MRI scan, it was revealed that he had inflammation in his elbow, and he entered rehabilitation. He initially thought he could be back in 2-3 weeks, but he’s been away for about a month now. He will likely need another two weeks as he needs to recover his sense of play and increase the number of pitches.

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