‘National team specializing in defense’ Moon Jeong-won “Don’t listen to the word that the libero is a problem”

Before the list of the Korean women’s volleyball team was released, Moon Jeong-won (31, Korea Expressway Corporation) was surprised to receive a call from Han Yu-mi (41), the national team coach.

She said, “No, it’s that you picked me as a libero.”

Moon Jeong-won, who arrived at Incheon International Airport wearing a training suit for the Korean women’s volleyball team on the 22nd to leave for Turkey to participate in the International Volleyball Federation Volleyball Nations League (VNL), the first international competition in 2023, had a playful look with coach Han Yu-mi last April. I remembered the call.

Coach Han asked Moon Jeong-won to “play as a libero in the national team.”

When Moon Jung-won appealed, “It’s too burdensome. I really don’t think I can do it,” coach Han repeatedly persuaded him, “My team has already verified my defensive ability. I can do it enough. The national team needs Moon Jung-won as a libero.”

In the end, Moon Jeong-won joined the national team as a libero and trained for about a month at the Jincheon National Training Center from April 24th.

In fact, while Moon Jung-won played as an apogee spiker for her team, she kept her back firmly with libero Im Myung-ok.

In the 2022-2023 V-League regular league, the receiving efficiency was 56.94%, ranking second after Lim Im-ok (59.85%).

For Moon Jeong-won, who has already played ‘libero-class defense’ in the V-League, playing as a ‘defense professional’ libero was burdensome.

Moon Jeong-won said, “The libero, along with the setter, is considered a ‘professional’ in volleyball. I am very close to Lim Myung-ok, so I know how difficult it is to be a libero.” I didn’t. I’m still burdened before leaving the country to participate in the VNL.”

However, everyone around her supports ‘Libero Moon Jeong-won’.

Im Myung-ok, who has a lot of experience in international competitions, told Moon Jeong-won, “International competitions are more attention-grabbing events, so I’m worried that I might get hurt,” but said, “If you show your skills, you can finish the tournament well. ” he advised.

Shin Yeon-kyung (IBK Industrial Bank of Korea), who was selected for the national team as a libero along with Moon Jung-won, also cheered, saying, “Senior, I was worried a lot when I changed my position to a libero after playing as an outside hitter, but I don’t regret it now. You will do better.” .

Moon Jeong-won urged himself, “I am receiving encouragement and support, so I have to do better.”

I am also correcting the occasional ‘Habits of Apposite Spiker’.

Libero can only do ‘under toss’ in the avant-garde.

Coach Han Yu-mi explained, “Because Jung-Won Moon’s original position is an apogee spiker, in the beginning of training, there were times when I tossed her over her head even in front of the attack line. Through repeated training, I am correcting that habit.”

She added, “Serve receive and dig (defense that kicks the opponent’s attack) are as good as the traditional libero. It will be a great help to the national team.”

Moon Jeong-won, who was engulfed in worries, also developed confidence and motivation through training and encouragement.

Moon Jeong-won said,메이저사이트 “I also have a desire to do well. I don’t want to hear the words ‘The libero was a problem for this national team’.” I will block the opponent’s serve and attack from above.”

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