Lee So-young “Minister Won Hee-ryong, don’t you know the process of the urban development project?”

Regarding the change of the ‘Yangpyeong-Seoul Expressway’ route, which was suspected of preferential treatment for the first lady Kim Gun-hee’s family, Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Won Hee-ryong said at a plenary meeting of the National Assembly Transportation Committee (National Land and Infrastructure Committee) on the morning of the 26th, “The land in question (the land of Mrs. Kim’s family) is the water source area. . Development is prohibited as a waterside area and is prohibited by law,” he replied. Regarding this, Democratic Party lawmaker Lee So-young refuted, saying, “It is wrong,” and that it was Choi Eun-soon, the mother-in-law of President Yoon Seok-yeol, who built apartments in the waterfront area and made huge development profits.

Rep. Lee, who was questioning pending issues at the plenary meeting of the Land and Infrastructure Committee this afternoon, asked Minister Won, “Minister, honestly, you don’t know the process of promoting the urban development project.” Rep. Lee said, “I thought the minister had extensive knowledge because he was also a lecturer in Daejang-dong and another lecturer in Yangpyeong. was shown as a PowerPoint slide.

Earlier in the morning, in the question of pending issues by Congressman Park Jeong-ha, Minister Won said, “The land near the highway contact is a water source area. Isn’t it)’, but (this is) prohibited by law. As long as the law is not changed by the National Assembly, there is no concern about development itself because it is prohibited.”

Regarding this, Rep. Lee asked, “Minister Ilta Lecturer (the contents of the answer in the morning) are correct,” and Minister Won said, “If you look at Article 5 of the Han River Waterway Act, ‘inducing development activities, etc.’ When it cannot be newly designated or changed because it is not possible, it is (written) in the law,” he said, holding토토사이트 up a piece of paper with the contents of the Han River Water Dam Act written on it and reading it.

Rep. Lee asked back, “The waterfront plan is not an urban development project at all. If it is not changed by law, is it impossible to develop apartments?” There are places where a warehouse can be built, and there are places where there is not, and it depends on the individual site.”

Rep. Lee continued, “(If so), is it possible to do an urban development project on the 17 lands in Byeongsan-ri owned by the president’s wife? No,” Minister Won replied, “I can’t do apartment houses, restaurants, or accommodations.”

Then, Rep. Lee began to refute Minister Won’s claim that ‘development of the waterfront area is impossible’, saying that it was “wrong”.

Rep. Lee cited the relevant bill as an example. Article 4, Paragraph 2, Subparagraph 5 of the Han River Waterway Act contains the content that ‘the waterside contract is canceled if it is designated as a residential district unit contract’. In this case, it is Lee’s argument that apartment development is possible.

Regarding Minister Won’s assertion that ‘because it is a managed area, it cannot be developed’, Rep. Lee refuted, saying, “(According to Article 55 of the Enforcement Decree of the National Territory Planning Act), a managed area is an area that can be preserved and planned under the National Territory Planning Act.” In the case of ‘Hyundai Seongwoo 3rd Apartment’, which is right next to the Han River, it is being developed as an apartment even though it is a ‘special disaster zone for water quality preservation’ according to the ‘Land Use Plan Confirmation Agency’ provided by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.

Rep. Lee said, “Not everyone can do this kind of development. Only very competent real estate developers can entice public officials to license and develop like this.”

Next, Rep. Lee said, “(Mr. Choi tried to pay 0 won in development profits even after leaving huge development profits, and the ‘Gongheung District’, which became a problem, is a representative example.” It is a land that is difficult to develop. Didn’t you leave a development profit of 10 billion won by building an apartment?”

Rep. Lee said, “The reason why I think the ‘Yangpyeong scandal’ is suspicious is that ‘Choi Eun-soon’s family’ is at the center, not anyone else. The pattern is very similar. In a similar way to the Gongheung district, the second Gongheung in Byeongsan-ri I doubt that it will create a ‘Gangsang District’, an earth.”

When Minister Won retorted to Rep. Lee, “I don’t think he has the heart to listen to the answer,” Kim Min-ki, the chairman of the National Land Commission, scolded Minister Won, saying, “Don’t say that and answer.”

Then, Minister Won said, “I have already answered a significant part of (to Lee’s suspicions). After the incident broke out, they said it was a privilege, so I looked at the (controversial) parts through local residents, various photos and Internet data.” (The land of Mrs. Kim’s family) has been inherited since the 1980s, and the surrounding area has been partially expanded because of the stake, and it is a land of mountains right next to the highway.” Because the land is mainly located on steep slopes, it adhered to the position that development was not possible.

In response, Rep. Lee refuted, “(If the land is undevelopable), sell it later at a low price or keep buying it. did.

In this regard, Minister Won avoided an immediate answer, saying, “I have said it before, but if I answer in the middle, I won’t be able to answer it and ask you to do it after the speech time is over. I have answered everything.

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