“I went to the mother and child room instead of the postpartum care center… ” Husband who ate too many insults 

The story of a husband who has been receiving resentment from his wife for several years after using a 24-hour room in a crib next to the mother’s bed instead of leaving the newborn in the nursery while hospitalized was spread online.

On the 9th, on the anonymous online community ‘Blind’, her office worker, a post titled ‘I still fight over the rooming-in issue, some opinions’ was posted on the topic of parenting, and it became a hot topic.

Writer A, an employee of a large company who identified himself as her husband, said, “I am usually interested in childcare, so I studied a lot since my wife was pregnant. In the meantime, I learned about rooming-in, and after seeing various data such as the rate of rooming-in in foreign countries, the ease of mothers’ recovery, the increase in the probability of breastfeeding, and the decrease in the abandonment rate of infants due to attachment formation, I told my wife to room-in during childbirth.” gave an explanation

At first, Mr. A’s wife refused because it was difficult (as a mother), but after repeated persuasion from Mrs. A, right after giving birth, she decided to use the mother-child room in the hospital instead of a postpartum care worker.

However, his explanation is that even after several years, her wife keeps mentioning this and resents Mr. A.

Mr. A said, “I thought my wife would be proud later on because I found out everything like this, and I couldn’t sleep well and suffered in the room with the mother and son.” “But it was the exact opposite. He didn’t want to do it, but since I kept persuading him, he said he did it reluctantly. It’s unfair that I couldn’t give birth on my own, and this is 100% my fault, so I’m telling you to repent and apologize.”

While telling this story, he asked the blind users, “Is it something I have to apologize for a hundred times or did I do wrong unconditionally to that extent?”

Although the truth of the story has not been confirmed, this article, which detailed the conflict with her wife over her rooming in with her mother, received more than 400 comments, with the majority saying that she was not considerate of her wife.

Several blind users said, “(In my case) my wife had severe morning sickness and her body was very damaged. Even if it is recommended (to change the mother and child) once, the choice should be left to the wife. Memories before and after pregnancy and childbirth last a lifetime”, “Men have different things to do and women have different things to do, but if you cross that line and comment, I don’t think it’s good.”

There were also comments from users who seemed to have experienced childbirth. They said, “It’s the last time I can rest in my life and my physical condition is at its worst, but I didn’t let them rest as they wished. Is the sacrifice of a healthy body the same as the sacrifice of a person whose bones are spread apart? The feeling of stretching all over the body before and after giving birth is still vivid”, “After giving birth, I just let you rest. After giving birth, I would die if I stayed with my mother and father for only 8 hours a day.”

One user said, “No matter how much men study메이저사이트 pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding, it is difficult to understand and sympathize with even 10% of the numerous parts that women have to endure for their baby, as well as the physical changes that women go through and the pain that comes from mental difficulties. That’s why we should respect her wife’s opinion as much as possible, and I think we should apologize if she forced her to do anything about her intentions.”

On the other hand, there were a few opinions that the criticism of Mr. A was excessive.

Users who defended Mr. A said, “I am a mother of a 4-year-old child, and if I had a husband like this, I would have actively roomed the mother and child. She looks good studying”, “If you read the advantages of mother-in-law rooming, as a mother who truly loves her child, you have no choice but to want to do it. I leave my baby in the hands of others all day and I feel uncomfortable, so I don’t think I can even cook.” According to the 2020 report ‘Study on how to prepare standards for rooming staff and facilities in postpartum care centers’ published by the Institute for Child Care Policy (KICCE) (research director Junglim Lee, Research Fellow), rooming-in, where mothers and newborns stay in one place, is an effective way to breastfeed and care for

newborns . There are many positive aspects medically and emotionally, such as capacity enhancement and increased attachment to moa.

In particular, mother-to-child room operation centered on mothers and newborns, rather than collective neonatal rooms, has the advantage of minimizing the group life of newborns who are vulnerable to infectious diseases, thereby lowering the possibility of transmission of infection and reducing secondary infection in the event of an infectious disease in postpartum care centers.

As a result of each study in Thailand and Russia, there was also an analysis that the breastfeeding rate improved and the infant abandonment rate significantly decreased after changing the policy to room-in at the maternity center, the report said.

Meanwhile, according to the 2021 survey of postpartum care centers by the National Statistical Office, the percentage of using postpartum care centers as a place for postpartum care increased from 75.1% in 2018 to 81.2% in 2021. On the other hand, the proportion of those who used their parents’ homes or cigars decreased from 22.2% to 15.2% during the same period.

Although postpartum care centers are becoming a common culture after childbirth in Korea, the number is decreasing every year due to the rapid decrease in the number of births.

According to the Ministry of Health and Welfare, the number of postpartum care centers nationwide increased from 418 in 2009 to 612 in 2016, peaking.

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