It’s a global challenge… Fu Bao has a twin brother

Twin sisters, giant pandas, were born in Everland, Yongin.

Samsung C&T Resort Division announced on the 11th that Le Bao (10 years old) and Ai Bao (9 years old), who live at Everland Panda World, had twin daughters.

Twin baby pandas were born on the 7th at 4:52 am and 6:39 am, 1 hour and 47 minutes apart. Ai Bao gave birth about an hour after going into labor, and both the mother and baby panda are now healthy.

The twin sisters weigh 180g and 140g respectively. ‘Eldest sister’ Fu Bao was 197g when she was born in July 2020, and now weighs 98kg. Everland said, “Ai Bao is skillfully taking care of the babies by using his experience at Fu Bao, and the breeders plan to help Ai Bao postpartum care and childcare.”

Ai Bao and Le Bao were sent by Chinese President Xi스포츠토토 Jinping in March 2016 as a symbol of promoting goodwill between Korea and China.

The two pandas, who were 3 to 4 years old at the time, grew into adults under the care of breeders and gave birth to a baby Fubao in July 2020.

Natural breeding of pandas is known worldwide as a difficult task. The fertile period is only once a year, which is usually only one to three days in the spring. It is known that the probability of success is even lower because pandas live solitary lives apart from each other and have to meet and mate only during the breeding season.

If mating is successful, they give birth after a pregnancy period of about four months, and it is difficult to even confirm whether they are pregnant or not because their appearance and hormone levels are the same until just before childbirth.

Based on the breeding know-how accumulated during the birth of Fubao in 2020, Everland prepared for the birth of a new life by closely observing the movements of Aibao and Lebao this year. By scientifically analyzing the pandas’ hormonal change data, such as blood and urine tests, compared to the time of Fubao, a period with a high probability of mating success was determined, and in mid-February of this year, Aibao and Lebao met.

After confirming the condition of Ai Bao, who began to show similar behavioral changes to Fu Bao’s birth, Everland formed a dedicated care team consisting of a breeder and a veterinarian. She also made Ai Bao live in a delivery room dedicated to childbirth instead of an external radiation center from the middle of last month and operated a 24-hour monitoring system.

Everland will not be open to the public for the time being so that baby pandas can grow up healthy, and experts will continue intensive management in Panda World. However, through SNS channels such as

YouTube ‘Everland’, ‘Talking Zoo Puppa TV’ , and Naver Cafe ‘Zootopia’, the twin pandas’ growth process and the panda family’s current situation will continue to be revealed. In the case of Pubao, since he came to the Panda World radiation range from around 6 months old when he started walking on all fours and eating bamboo, visitors will not be able to see the real twin panda sisters until January next year.

Zookeeper Kang Cheol-won, who is called ‘Ai Bao’s father’ and ‘Fu Bao’s grandfather’, said, “I am so happy that twin cubs were born for the first time in Korea following Fu Bao.” I will go,” he said.On the other hand, the eldest sister Fu Bao is now 3 years old and is loved and called ‘Yongin Fu’, ‘Putuntun’, and ‘Princess Fu’. He plans to leave for China next year, when he turns 4, to meet his mate, but no specific date has been set yet.

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