Young Guns born in 2000 face-to-face, ‘National University Judge’ watched… Who is the eye-catching player?

Born in 2000, left and right Young-geon competed for selection. A battle of pride ahead of the formation of the preliminary entry for the Asian Games national team. The match was held while Jo Gye-hyeon, chairman of the National Power Enhancement Committee, watched from the field.

On the 20th, Cho Gye-hyun, chairman of the KBO Power Reinforcement Committee, visited Jamsil Stadium. Chairman Jo Gye-hyun said on the day, “I’m constantly looking for stadiums these days. I’m watching young players who will go to the Hangzhou Asian Games and APBC (Asian Professional Baseball Championship).”

It was a game in which both NC and LG sent Young Gun, who had the possibility of winning the national team, as a starter. In NC, Myeong-ki Song from the 1st round of the 2019 draft, and in LG, Yoon-shik Kim from the 1st round of the 2020 draft started to mound. Although they joined the team at different times, both players were born in 2000 and are of the same age.

However, neither Song Myung-ki nor Kim Yun-sik played 100% as well as expected. However, the results differed greatly.

Song Myeong-ki, who was ranked first in this category with an ERA of 0.52 before the game, could not fill all five innings. He took 6 hits and gave up 4 walks in 3⅔ innings with 2 out in the 4th inning. As he gave up three runs, his earned run average rose to 1.71. At the time of substitution, the two remaining runners failed to score, avoiding a large number of runs, but it was a game that would remain regrettable.

Yunshik Kim showed two faces. There were times when he faltered with consecutive walks or consecutive hits allowed. However, he overcame the self-inflicted crisis and became a winning pitcher.

He had two bases loaded crises in the second and fourth innings. In the second inning, he gave up a double to Hyung-Jun Yoon and then drove to the bases loaded with two walks. Here, he blocked Do Tae-hoon with a double hit to the first baseman and avoided a run. In the fourth inning, he gave up three hits in a row and suffered a crisis with the bases loaded safely. At this time, he gave Ahn Jung-yeol a sacrifice fly to right field and ended the inning with one run.

Meanwhile, KBO launched the Power Reinforcement Committee on the 10th and started preparing for the Asian Games. The power reinforcement committee is a reorganized organization of the existing technical committee, and oversees not only the formation of the national team but also the setting of the direction of player development.

Chairman Cho Gye-hyun said,메이저놀이터 “I expect young players to show the meaning of the Taegeuk mark and to show bright and energetic running on the ground.” The Power Reinforcement Committee plans to deliver Asian Games preliminary entries to KBSA (Korea Baseball Softball Federation) by the 26th of this month. It is expected that it will be a task to find young players with both potential and skills, and players who are suitable for the ‘clean baseball’ that the KBO pursues.

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