‘Where is this position going?’…Kim Hee-jin renews contract with IBK for 350 million won for 1 year

IBK Industrial Bank one-club man Kim Hee-jin (32) once again joined hands with Industrial Bank of Korea. 

On the 20th, Industrial Bank of Korea said in an official press release, “We have renewed the contract with Kim Hee-jin for an annual salary of 350 million won (annual salary of 150 million won and an option of 200 million won).” 

In the 2010-11 season, Kim Hee-jin, who was specially nominated by Industrial Bank of Korea as a priority for new team selection, was called a ‘franchise star’ after playing in one team for about 12 years without transferring. During 12 seasons, he played 331 games and 1,226 sets, scoring a total of 4,170 points, winning three regular league championships, three championship matches, and three KOVO Cups.

He played as a middle blocker for about three seasons after the 2019-20 season, and this season signed a contract with an annual salary of 600 million won (annual salary of 450 million won, an option of 150 million won), and at the same time was named as an apogee spiker position.

However, after 2020, his knee injury and surgery have not been smooth. The 2021-22 season was active with a cumulative score of 398 in a total of 29 business trips, but this season had a difficult season, with almost no starts.

In the end, Kim Hee-jin announced that he had meniscus surgery on his right knee in February and entered rehabilitation training for a year.

An official from the club who spoke to the magazine on the same day said, “Since last week, we have had a one-week negotiation period with the player, signed a one-year contract, and there is a possibility of slight change in the amount.” In addition, regarding the annual salary, he said, “There is a part that the club has devoted as a franchise, and I have talked with the player several times about the conditions, and after adjusting the range of change in the amount several times, I have agreed.”

When asked about the next position, he said, “As for other clubs, the Apposite Spiker part has the possibility of being recruited as a mercenary, and the middle blocker also has existing players (Kim Hyun-jung, Choi Jeong-min), and there is a possibility of supplementing through the Asian Quarter or other methods. The outline is not perfect,” he said. “It is still difficult to confirm Kim Hee-jin’s position (middle blocker, apositive spiker backup). I ran after it,” he said cautiously. 

Currently, Kim Hee-jin is working hard on rehabilitation training for his return to the next season, and the club said, “It is still in the early stages of rehabilitation, but it is showing signs of recovery, such as walking smoothly.” 

On the other hand,토스카지노Industrial Bank of Korea said of Kim Su-ji, who transferred to Heungkuk Life Insurance, “I am grateful to Kim Su-ji for devoting herself as the team’s main player for six seasons,” and “I will always cheer for a new start.” 

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