“You can tell the bluff by looking at the car”… Checking the bluff index

This is the story of a person wondering whether to buy a car. ‘Can I buy a car with a monthly salary of 4 million won?’ It is said that they have decided on the specific vehicle they want to buy. It is said that it is about 50 million won. Can I buy this person’s car?먹튀검증

[Kim Kyung-pil/Money Trainer: You shouldn’t say the conclusion first. You must purchase only within your six-month income. A car is a necessary commodity, but it is also a way to show others. Koreans have a sense that riding a car shows their economic power or social status. However, in my view, a car can tell a person’s ‘bluff quotient’. The recent younger generations do not have a goal of ‘I need to buy a house’ or ‘I need to get married’, so there are a lot of cases where today’s consumption and flex are mainly used as a car. This could be the problem.]

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