Kim Eun-kyung’s eldest son protests “I lived a hard life taking care of my mother and grandmother and grandfather”

On the 6th, the eldest son of the Democratic Party’s Innovation Committee Chairman Kim Eun-kyung protested through an Internet post, saying메이저사이트, “My mother lost her husband in a tragic incident, took care of her grandfather and grandmother, and raised two children, and lived a very busy and difficult life.” Previously, it was argued that the statement that Chairman Kim supported her mother-in-law was false, but her son directly refuted it.

On the 3rd, Chairman Kim apologized for the ‘remarks disparaging the elderly’ and said, “After the death of my husband, I have served my parents-in-law for 18 years.” Two days later, on the 5th, Chairman Kim’s sister-in-law, Mr. Kim, posted on her blog, “Let alone her holiday, she is a blatant lie that a person who never attended her husband’s memorial service served her in-laws for 18 years after her husband’s death. ” claimed.

He added, “(Chairman Kim) never lived with her mother-in-law, including when her husband was alive, and (the mother-in-law) received all sorts of bad words and threats from Kim Eun-kyung for 18 years, let alone respect.”

Regarding this, Chairman Kim’s son said, “Please stop attacking the family with such ridiculous and false agitation. We plan to take necessary legal action in the future for false claims and defamation.”

He said, “After my father passed away, my grandfather went to his hometown, and I often visited my grandfather’s hometown with my mother. My mother even encouraged me to call her grandfather first and go down, even when I became indifferent to her grandfather.”

In addition, it refuted the claim of sister-in-law Kim that the ownership of the company in the name of Chairman Kim’s father-in-law passed to Chairman Kim’s younger brother through Chairman Kim’s husband “through the chaos”. He said, “It is not true that my mother took over the company my father ran during his lifetime.” He wanted to lead the family and support his grandfather and grandmother.”

Regarding sister-in-law Kim’s assertion that ownership of the company passed to Chairman Kim’s younger brother, the eldest son did not clearly state whether it was true or not.

In addition, the eldest son said, “The youngest aunt who posted on the Internet did not participate in the funerals of her grandfather and grandmother.” gave up,” he claimed.

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