Who will win the first gold medal in the men’s individual event in the baduk event?

Why do the world’s best players prioritize the Asian Games over major tournaments with hundreds of millions of won in prize money? This is because it is the only stage where people wear uniforms with the national flag engraved on them. The scarcity of opportunity also plays a big part. We have to wait four years, but there is no guarantee that the baduk event will survive in the next tournament.

At this year’s event, which opens in Hangzhou on September 24, a men’s individual event was newly established, drawing more attention. The winner will become the first individual gold medalist in the Asian Games.

A maximum of 2 out of 6 players from each country can compete in the individual event. South Korea confirmed Shin Jin-seo and Park Jeong-hwan as their representatives last month. Top ranker Shin Jin-seo was automatically selected, and 2nd place Park Jung-hwan was selected through a tournament of 6 representatives of the team event. It is evaluated as the best combination in Korea.

Shin Jin-seo has revealed her expectations and determination for the Asian Games in every interview. From 2020, when he first reached the top of the major world, he said, “I want to go out as a representative of the Asian Games,” and even after missing the Ranker Cup win last month, he promised, “I will make up for it in the Asian Games with Inssi Cup (August).”

Park Jung-hwan is the 2nd gold medalist in Guangzhou in 2010. In addition to the men’s team event, she also won the mixed pair event with Lee Seul-ah. This time, his ambition is to win the men’s individual and team events and win unprecedented four gold medals. After passing the qualifying round, Park Jung-hwan posted an entry ticket saying, “I will definitely win a medal in the individual competition as much as I have come up hard.”

The gold medal fight in the individual event will also be held as a Korea-China showdown. Team members Ke Jie (China 1st), Mi Yuting (2nd), Yang Dingxin (4th), Li Qincheng (7th), Zhao Chenyu (10th), Yang Kaiwen (19th and above as of June) 2 out of 6 players will also participate in the individual event. However, the individual player list, which was said to be decided by the end of June, has not yet been released.

The Chinese national team was formed last year스포츠토토, but was re-elected in May when the tournament was postponed for a year due to the corona crisis. In the process, four new players were selected: Ke Jie, Mi Yu Ting, Zhao Chen Yu, and Yang Kai Wen. Instead, Gu Zi Hao (3rd), Li Xuan Hao (5th), Fan Tingyu (8th), and Tuo Zashi (17th) were selected. pushed out

The elimination of Gu Zhao, who won the championship by defeating Shin Jin-seo in the Ranker Basin, draws attention. Li Xuan Hao, who will compete for supremacy with Byeon Sang-il from the 17th, is also missing. Ding Hao (6th place), the current world champion (LG Bae), failed to enter the 6 representative team this time as well. The only consolation is that Ke Jie, the leading star, joined the group on the last train.

Chinese national team coach Yu Bin said, “The ranking is not high compared to last year, but I am satisfied that young and strong players have been selected.” However, the delay in announcing the participants of the individual exhibition proves that the Chinese side is struggling with that much. From the standpoint of the players, it would be burdensome to have an individual match with Shin Jin-seo.

It is highly likely that the individual representative will be selected from among the three, Ke Jie, Yang Dingxin, and Mi Weeting. Shin Jin-seo is inferior to Ke Jie with 9 wins and 11 losses, but has recently won 4 consecutive wins. They are ahead of Yang Dingxin with 7 wins and 6 losses and Mi Yu Ting with 10 wins and 4 losses. Park Jeong-hwan has an advantage over them with 16 wins and 14 losses, 6 wins and 2 losses, and 11 wins and 6 losses, respectively.

Considering the opponent’s history, Li Qincheng could come out. Li Chincheng is 5-5 with Shin Jin-seo and 2-2 with Park Jeong-hwan, and is particularly strong against shorthand. This competition will be held in three rounds of 1 hour and 30 seconds each.

The deadline for entries to participate is the 15th. Japan has not yet decided who will participate in the individual event. Taiwan’s Xu Hao-Hong and Lai Jin-Pu will challenge for their first individual gold medal.

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