The team lost… KIA Jung Hae-young showed ‘signs of resurrection’

KIA Tigers Jung Hae-young (22), who returned to the first team stage, showed signs of revival. The team lost, but the possibility of being a back door supporter was confirmed.

Jeong Hae-young, who reigned as the league’s top closer for the past two years, is walking a difficult road this year. From the beginning of the season, he suffered from poor velocity, and his pitch was seldom improved. He picked up two blown saves in the past April alone.

Jung Hae-young, who repeated inconsistent pitching, was eventually eliminated from the first-team entry on May 29. There was no time to spare due to the team’s circumstances, which were in a fierce middle-ranking battle, but Jung Hae-young스포츠토토 needed time to readjust.

Jung Hae-young, who went down to the 2nd team, did not start pitching right away. He focused on building his body again and gradually improved his condition. Jung Hae-young made his first appearance in the Futures League match against LG Twins on the 17th of last month, and played a total of 6 games until KT Wiz on the 30th. He pitched two or more innings three times, and recorded one streak.

Jung Hae-young finished his warm-up by recording 1 inning, 1 strikeout and no run against KT on the 30th of last month, his last appearance in the Futures League. KIA included Jung Hae-young in the first team entry on the 1st after 34 days.

Jung Hae-young did not pitch in a save situation. KIA, which had a 5-3 lead against LG in Jamsil on the 1st, left the last four outcounts to Ji-min Choi. Jung Hae-young, who had just joined the first team, was not given the finishing position right away.

Jung Hae-young returned to the first team against LG the next day, the 2nd. He got on the mound in the seventh inning when the team was trailing 1-3. Jung Hae-young caught Shin Min-jae with a shortstop grounder, and blocked Hong Chang-ki and Moon Seong-joo with a left fielder’s fly ball and shortstop’s grounder, respectively. He tied the first innings neatly with 13 balls. He threw 10 fast balls and checked his fastball-oriented pitching.

In KIA, after Jung Hae-young went down, Lim Ki-young took over the baton in the 8th inning, and Lim Ki-young also finished the first inning without conceding. However, KIA suffered from an empty lineup and suffered a 1-3 defeat without a reversal.

Jung Hae-young showed signs of recovery in both restraint and pitch. Jung Hae-young, who stayed at the early 140km average of the fastball at the beginning of the season, raised his speed to the second half of 140km before returning. His fastest ball was 147 km.

Currently, KIA is operating a group finishing system in which Choi Ji-min and Lim Ki-young alternately guard the back door. However, as I felt pressure on my stamina last month, my sense of stability is gradually declining compared to the beginning of the season.

Jung Hae-young struggled at the beginning of the season, but it is a proven finish with the youngest 30 and 50 save records in the KBO League. Jung Hae-young’s rebound is desperately needed for rain to fall on the mound of the tired KIA bullpen.

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