“Unconditionally finish today!” The manager who screamed in a hoarse voice proved why he is a strong team.

Manager Malone’s shout led to Denver’s great victory.

The Denver Nuggets won 125-100 against the Phoenix Suns in Game 6 of the 2nd round of the 2023 NBA Playoffs held at the Phoenix Footprint Center on the 12th (hereinafter Korean time).

It was a bout that showed the potential of Denver, the No. 1 seed in the West. Phoenix, exhausted, could not put up any resistance, and Denver, who was generously ahead from the beginning, returned to the conference final stage after three years with a pleasant victory on the road.

Throughout the series, the command towers, who fight resourcefulness with the opposing manager, give many orders according to the ever-changing situation. In important games such as the playoffs, there are often coaches who intensely deliver strategies to players and sometimes become hoarse.

Denver coach Mike Malone did the same in this series. Coach Malone, who went out to the interview with a hoarse voice even in the 5th game. In the 6th game, at the end of the first quarter, he responded to the broadcast interview with his throat locked.

However, even when his throat was hoarse, Malone’s passion for victory did not subside. In Game 6, even though Denver took a lead by more than 20 points from the first half, they were not vigilant. After taking a 30-point lead, Denver, who finished the first half, allowed a chase at the beginning of the 3rd quarter, manager Malone immediately requested an operation time.

Eventually, he urged the players, saying, “We’re playing leisurely, like we’re really winning by 30 points. Control and dominate the game.”

Then, he continued to deliver the message “End it tonight!”, boosting the players’ desire to compete.

The Denver players, who regained their pace due to the manager’s disapproval, brought the flow back and kept the victory until the end of the game without a single major crisis. The Operation Time video, in which coach Malone urges the players to exert themselves in a hoarse voice, is getting a lot of responses locally.

Coach Malone, who has been in charge of Denver since 2015, has successfully completed the rebuilding and put Denver in the ranks of the strong teams. Denver, who ended the dark period with coach Malone, advanced to the Western Conference playoffs for the fifth consecutive year.

After Game 6, Phoenix’s Kevin Durant said, “Coach Mike Malone has been with Denver for over six years. If the manager has a good understanding of the team’s players and can maintain the system for a long time, that would be a good strength.” Director Malone was highly praised.

The challenge left for coach Malone is, of course, winning. Denver has yet to advance to the Finals since joining the NBA from the 1976-1977 season. Coach Malone, who seemed to have a solid position in the team, also rumored that he could be sacked if he does not perform well in the playoffs in the middle of this season.토토사이트

That’s why coach Malone is not easily satisfied even though he has surpassed the tough Phoenix. “Our goal is to win. We still have much more to do,” he said. Denver’s conference finals opponent is the winner of the Golden State and Lakers series.

Can Malone give Denver their first NBA championship? Attention is drawn to their actions.

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