“A staggering salary comparable to that of a star goalkeeper!” Manchester United eager to sign Kim Min-jae

“Man Utd Kim Min-jae signing visualization… Napoli has no way to stop it.”

On the 13th (Korean time), a series of foreign media outlets in Europe, including England and Italy, reported Man Utd’s move to recruit Kim Min-jae, the “Naples Iron Pillar”.

Italy’s leading sports media Corriere dello Sport reported that “Man Utd is in the process of pre-negotiations with the agent of Naples star Kim Min-jae ahead of the opening of the summer transfer window.”스포츠토토

Kim Min-jae has a buyout clause of 60 million euros that can be triggered between July 1 and 15 to foreign clubs, and it is known that there is no way for Napoli to catch Kim Min-jae if this clause is invoked.

Footmerkato announced that while Eric Tenhach’s Manchester United, Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool, Paris Saint-Germain, and Man City are interested in Kim Min-jae, Kim Min-jae is rejecting Napoli’s attempt to remove the buyout clause. A few weeks ago, a meeting was held between Kim Min-jae and Manchester United officials, and it is known that Man U is willing to offer a huge contract for Kim Min-jae. Official figures have not been released, but the media reported the atmosphere, saying, “Man United is ready to offer Kim Min-jae a huge contract with a salary package equivalent to the value of a star striker.” Following Corriere dello Sport, Man Utd is already conducting preliminary negotiations with Kim Min-jae’s aides, and Napoli president Aurelio De Lorenticci also predicted that the existence of this buyout would not prevent Kim Min-jae’s departure.

Man Utd News focused on the transfer rumors from Italy, and reported in detail Kim Min-jae’s first season winning performance in Naples under the subheading of ‘Man United trying to win the Kim Min-jae recruitment war’.

’26-year-old Kim Min-jae is one of the most notable central defenders in the world right now, and he played a huge role in Napoli’s victory,’ he said, ‘1.6 tackles per game, 4.7 fights, 91% pass success rate, average 4 clearings’, etc. I mentioned dazzling data as it is. With the expectation that ‘Kim Min-jae will be a fantastic signing for Manchester United this summer’, he predicted that ‘Man United and Man City are interested in Kim Min-jae, but in terms of playing time, Man United can gain an edge in the recruitment competition’.

If he goes to Manchester City, there is a possibility that he will rotate, but it is analyzed that he will be able to replace Rafael Baran and Lisandro Martinez, who are frequently injured, and Harry Maguire, whose future is uncertain. At the same time, he looked at ‘whether or not Manchester United advance to the top 4 will be the key to gaining an advantage in recruiting Kim Min-jae’.

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