Uiwang’s ’round kick’?… Man in his 20s indiscriminately assaulted neighbor in elevator

A man in his 20s who ‘don’t ask assault’ against a neighbor living in the same apartment building was caught by the police. The man is known to have assaulted a neighbor woman he did not know indiscriminately in an elevator and then dragged her down.

The Gyeonggi Uiwang Police Station announced on the 5th that it would apply for an arrest warrant for Mr. A on charges of assault.

Mr. A is accused of hitting and injuring Mr. B, a woman in her twenties, several times with her fist in an elevator of a hallway apartment in Uiwang-si at 12:30 noon that day.

It is known that he boarded the elevator that Mr. B was coming down from the 12th floor, pressed the button on the 10th floor, and assaulted Mr. B indiscriminately.

Mr. A was arrested as a red-handed criminal by the police, who were dispatched to the report of a resident who came out after hearing Mr. B’s scream스포츠토토.

Mr. B was seriously injured and is receiving hospital treatment.

As a result of the police investigation, it was confirmed that Mr. A lived alone in this apartment.

She said that he is a neighbor who lives in the same building as Mr. B, but it is known that she does not know her at all.

This incident reminds me of the so-called ‘Busan Round Kick’ incident in which a woman in her twenties was assaulted and knocked unconscious while returning home from Seomyeon, the main street of Busan.

Accordingly, the police plan to extensively investigate whether there is any circumstance in which Mr. A attempted to commit a sex crime against Mr. B.

A police official said, “The suspect was not in a state of being drunk or drugged.”

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