This is 2023, not 2015… Jang Won-joon 130 wins, Kim Jae-ho ended the winning, Bears ‘romantic baseball’ finished

The Doosan Bears succeeded in revenge for their first two losses of the season against the Samsung Lions. Won-Jun Jang and Jae-Ho Kim were the protagonists of the winning series of three consecutive home matches during the week.

On May 25, Doosan won 4-3 after 11 overtime matches against Samsung in Jamsil. Doosan, who avenged the loss the previous day with this victory, climbed to 4th place again with 22 wins, 1 draw and 20 losses in the season.토토사이트

On this day, Doosan allowed Kim Tae-goon to double-strike and allowed a run in the first inning when starting pitcher Choi Seung-yong faced 0-0 against Kang Min-ho and Oh Jae-il in a row at the beginning of the second inning.

Starting a counterattack, Doosan succeeded in a 2-1 turnaround at the end of the 3rd inning with Yang Seok-hwan’s 2 RBIs and a timely hit to the left in a chance to load the bases with a run through consecutive hits by Ahn Seung-han and Kim Jae-ho, a sacrifice bunt by Sue-bin Su and a walk by Lee Yu-chan.

The 2-1 lead was uneasy. In the end, Doosan allowed Oh Jae-il to hit a double at the right time with 1 RBI in the situation of 2 out 1 base in the beginning of the 6th inning and allowed a 2-2 tie. Starting pitcher Choi Seung-yong also achieved a quality start with 2 runs in 6 innings, but the victory requirement was blown.

The tight tie flow continued into overtime. Doosan, who missed the opportunity to finish with two outs at the end of the 9th inning, was in danger at the end of the 10th inning when closer pitcher Hong Kun-hee was hit by a double by lead batter Lee Jae-hyeon. In the crisis of 1st, 1st and 3rd base, which resulted in a sacrifice bunt and a walk, Hong Kun-hee was hit by a sacrifice fly ball from Pirella and finally scored a run.

Doosan saved the fire with pinch hitter Yang Eui-ji’s double at the end of the 10th inning. Sue-bin Sue’s exquisite squeeze bunt tied the score at 3-3 in the first out and third base opportunity that led to a sacrifice bunt. Doosan, who missed the opportunity to finish with a shortstop grounder by follow-up hitter Yang Seok-hwan, faced a crisis at second base safely due to a walk and check error by pitcher Lee Byung-hun, who changed in the beginning of the 11th inning.

The Doosan bench replaced the pitcher with Park Jeong-soo. After giving up a sacrifice bunt, Park Jung-soo struck out Kim Young-woong in the crisis of 1 out and 3 base, and caught Kim Hyun-joon as a floating ball in left field to dramatically prevent a run.

The finishing hero at the end of the 11th inning was veteran Kim Jae-ho. At the end of the 11th inning, Doosan seized the opportunity to finish 1 out and 2 base with an opponent’s error and a sacrifice bunt. While the follow-up hitter Min-jae Jeon stepped down due to a hit, Gyeong-min Heo and Seung-hyeon Jang each had intentional 4 pitches and a walk, bringing the bases loaded with 2 outs.

As Kim Jae-ho entered the plate, Jae-ho Kim hit Hong Jeong-woo’s 4th pitch with a low 141km/h fastball through the middle left with a technical blow. Since it was Doosan who used all of the Pilseungjo teams that day, the victory obtained with Kim Jae-ho’s final hit was more valuable.

Doosan achieved a midweek winning series against Samsung. On the first day, veteran left-hander Jang Won-joon achieved 130 personal wins with 70 hits, 4 strikeouts and 4 runs in 5 innings. Doosan fans felt the extreme of ‘romantic baseball’ while watching Jang Won-joon, who Seungri, who had been waiting for five years, came back to catcher Yang Eui-ji.

Two days after that, in the game on the 25th, veteran Kim Jae-ho became the ‘terrifying number 9 hitter’ after a long time and contributed greatly to the team’s victory with 2 hits, 1 RBI, 1 walk and 1 run. This also became a scene where the memories of Kim Jae-ho, who won the Golden Glove in the shortstop category for two consecutive years in 2015 and 2016, flashed by. It was the result of the winning series that saw the end of Bears romantic baseball.

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