Manchester City’s goal ahead of the ‘Treble’ “I want to score a goal at Tottenham away”

 “The goal is Tottenham away victory.”

Will he be able to score goals next season? It is a victory I want to achieve as much as the UEFA Champions League.

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola said in an interview with British broadcaster ‘Sky Sports’ on the 25th (Korean time), “If I achieve the ‘Treble’ this season, I want to score a goal in Tottenham away next season. My goal is to score and win at Tottenham away.” said.

Manchester City have won the Premier League title in five of the last six seasons. This season, he had no opponents with three consecutive losses.

However, when I went to Tottenham, it became smaller. 2018 was the last victory away from Tottenham.

At that time, Man City beat Tottenham with Riyad Mahrez’s winning goal. Man City, who took three points, beat Liverpool by one point that season and rose to the top of the Premier League. It was Guardiola’s first trophy since joining Manchester City.

No victory after that. Tottenham lost all 4 away games. Unfortunately, they failed to score a single goal in those four games.안전놀이터

The important thing for Man City right now is the Champions League final against Inter Milan on June 11th. Prior to that, on the 3rd, we will compete with Manchester United for the FA Cup championship.

If you win both finals, you will achieve a ‘treble’. Beyond the Premier League, it is like a medal for being the best team in Europe this season.

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