There is no jet lag(?)’ The morning of the national team is sweaty

The routine is scary.

On the 28th, the men’s national team participating in the ‘FIBA 3×3 Asia Cup 2023’ opened a day at the weight room.

The national team, who visited the weight room in the lodging where the players were staying, started training according to their own routine, starting with a light warm-up. In particular, Heo Hoon usually focuses on personal exercise. Even at Sangmu, his routine was not broken.

Heo Hoon said, “Like last year in Jakarta (2022 FIBA ​​Asia Cup), when I come to a game, I always use the facility while enjoying the culture and food of the country. I start the day with morning weights and reinforcement exercises.”

There is always a trainer next to the players. Song Hyeong-cheol, the national basketball team trainer, said, “(Heo) Hoon is definitely strong in his routine and diligent. He works hard on strengthening and strengthening exercises.” Kyo Chang-i and (Park) Jung-hyeon said to the national team players, “Please give me some exercise today.”

After the weights, the players continued aerobic exercise. I found a swimming pool located opposite the weight facility.

Hoon Heo smiled and said,온라인바카라 “Many basketball players do swimming as an aerobic exercise. Here, Hyun-Jung is the best at swimming. Next, I, Nak-Hyeon and Kyo-Chang are the worst. We are relaxing like this before the tournament.”

Players who finished training in the morning moved to the stadium in the afternoon after rest and lunch, and the national team at the OCBC Arena Hall (local time men’s 14:00, 

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