British media exposure “Kane, Tottenham sign of renewal contract so far 0%”

Harry Kane is said to be unwilling to renew his contract with Tottenham.

The British ‘Telegraph’ said on the 28th (Korean time), “Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy set manager Julian Nagelsmann as his top priority and started the process of appointing a formal manager. However, Chairman Levy faced more problems and anger from fans. “He analyzed the problems Tottenham are facing right now.

The ‘Telegraph’ exposed the problem that Tottenham fans are most concerned about. That was Kane’s contract situation. The media said, “Concerns about the future of general manager Fabio Paratici are also growing, and there is no sign that Kane will renew his contract, which has only one year left.”

Kane is one of the club’s greatest legends that cannot be missed in Tottenham’s history. The story of Kane becoming a Tottenham legend is also dramatic. Released from Arsenal during his youthful career, Kane began his career at Tottenham. He wasn’t a promising prospect, but he met manager Mauricio Pochettino and fully exploded his potential. Kane, who has grown into a world-class striker, became the club’s all-time leading scorer this season.

He is a Kane who lacks nothing in his career, but he has no trophies. He’s one of the reasons Kane is so mad at winning. Kane has always said that it is his dream to lift a major trophy at Tottenham, but he also sought a transfer when Tottenham’s unrelated relationship grew longer. About two years ago, Kane attempted to leave Tottenham for Manchester City after the season ended when manager Jose Mourinho was sacked. He decided that at Tottenham he could no longer win.

The opportunity to change Kane’s mind was the appointment of manager Antonio Conte. In fact, the relationship between Conte and Kane was close. However, manager Conte left and the team failed to win again. It wouldn’t be strange if Kane were going to try his immediate transfer now.

Tottenham also doesn’t have many reasons to stop Kane if he comes out strong. There have also been media reports that President Levy will allow him to express his opinion during the director appointment process in order to win Kane’s heart, 먹튀검증 but it is unknown how much the director appointment will be able to turn Kane’s mind.

Even if Tottenham shows a stubborn attitude not to sell Kane like the last Manchester City transfer wave, Kane’s contract with Tottenham expires next season. Sending the world’s best striker without a transfer fee will also be criticized among fans. Tottenham are at a difficult crossroads.

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