The spread of ‘malaria’ in the metropolitan area… Beware of mosquitoes that do not make a ‘wing’ sound

Malaria, an acute febrile infectious disease that affects more than 200 million patients worldwide every year. Our country cannot be relieved enough to have more than one patient every day.

In particular, Gyeonggi Province issued a malaria warning in Goyang following Gimpo and Paju. Residents and visitors to the area appear to need extra caution스포츠토토.

Let’s see the screen together.

Malaria is an infectious disease transmitted by the bite of a female mosquito infected with the protozoan. In the early stages of infection, chills, fever, and sweating appear, and headache, diarrhea, and vomiting may accompany symptoms.

It is known that symptoms can appear as short as 7 days and as long as 2 years after being bitten by a mosquito.

Fortunately, there is an antimalarial drug that can be cured by taking the medicine for a set period of time.

If not completely treated, it can recur within 2 years.

Let’s look at the situation in our country. Currently, it is spreading around Gyeonggi-do.

There were 183 cases of malaria this year, about twice as many as 86 in the same period last year.

It’s spreading so fast and so many times. As the number of patients increased, Gyeonggi Province issued a malaria alert in Goyang following Gimpo and Paju.

Gyeonggi-do said that when living or traveling in malaria risk areas, you should properly use repellents and insecticides and refrain from going out at night.

In addition, if you show symptoms such as fever or chills, you are asked to undergo a diagnostic test.

A quick test seems to be as important as a quick treatment.

Unlike regular mosquitoes, malaria carrier mosquitoes are characterized by holding their tails up when sitting and not making a ‘wing’ sound.

Please pay special attention to these mosquitoes and have a safe and healthy summer.

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