“Eggs are also a luxury” 45-year-old Japanese man who saved 900 million in 20 years, salty diet

In Japan, a man who collected about 94 million yen (about 850 million won) at the age of 45 has become a hot topic.

The main character is a man who has been active on Twitter under the nickname ‘absolutely leaving man’ and has posted investment activities and frugal diets스포츠토토.

The Japanese media ‘Encount’ reported an interview with the man, saying, “I saved money one by one through thorough savings and investment of more than 20 years of experience while working at a black company.”

The start of the topic was a picture he posted on Twitter on the 18th of last month, saying ‘today’s dinner’.

On the table, there was only rice sprinkled with seaweed powder, one pickled plum, and egg rolls. He said, “It’s a simple meal as always, but eggs are a luxury item.” Now I can eat anything,” he wrote.

This post was very popular with about 20 million views.

In addition to this, he posted on Twitter the image of solving meals together with shareholder preferential coupons (discount coupons given to shareholders) and the image of eating only bread with butter for three days.

This man told Encount, “I saved about 94.7 million yen mainly through saving, point accumulation, and safety-oriented investments.”

On the twitter of the ‘absolute leaving man’, pictures of a frugal meal were posted along with the details of the big profits from stock investment.

He said that he did not increase his consumption even after he accumulated some savings. He said, “The house is an old apartment house, and the monthly rent is very cheap, less than 30,000 yen (about 270,000 won).”

When some pointed out that he was concerned about his health, he said, “I am getting regular health checkups,” and “I am surprisingly okay because of my simple eating habits. A frugal diet seems to be healthier than eating extravagant food.”

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