The opposite of ‘KS finish → selection transformation’, “It is a responsibility that has changed” The league’s strongest 4 starters were born

Big game experience makes a completely different player.

This is why teams that consistently play fall baseball remain strong teams.

Kiwoom Heroes, the team that played baseball for the longest time last fall. Many players have grown a handful through the fall experience. One of the most notable players is Choi Won-tae (26). Memories of joy and pain from last fall are leading to rapid growth. In particular, the experience of finishing the Korean series has become the basis for the blue season that started as a starter.

After the opening, 2 out of 3 games were quality starts. On the 16th, against Gocheok KIA, he had a brilliant starter confrontation with Yang Hyeon-jong with 8 innings, 4 hits and no runs, leading to a 2-0 victory. In the 8th inning, he put on a 147 km two-seam, and he showed a tireless counterattack. A face that could even shutout.

1 win, 0 loss in 3 games this season, ERA of 1.89. His WHIP (on-base percentage per inning) is 1.05, and his batting average is only .2 1/2. The ball got faster. The average fastball speed is 146km. The power of the slider changeup also increased.

What made Choi Won-tae a formidable 4th starter? On the 18th, ahead of the Gocheok Samsung game, Kiwoom coach Hong Won-ki talked about “the experience of finishing the Korean series.”

“It was a story I talked about through an interview with me, but he talked sincerely about the hard work of the middle pitchers.카지노사이트 I think he felt a lot of responsibility as a starting pitcher.

The pattern that was difficult to compete with the batter was shortened through the winter preparation process. His bold and aggressive pitching stands out.

“I think I know how to adjust the number of balls and pitching tempo to end an inning while experiencing the Korean Series closer. It will be an opportunity to grow one step further.”

The joys and sorrows of a bullpen pitcher that a starting pitcher in his ninth year as a pro finally realized. The mind of Yeokjisaji is leading the development as a starting pitcher. The importance of diverse experiences on the big stage. Choi Won-tae is waking up again.

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