Ansan, where there is no place to retreat, pledges victory in the Cheonan City expedition

Ansan Greeners are about to play their first game against a new team, Cheonan City FC.

Ansan will play the 8th round expedition of ‘Hanawon Q K League 2 2023’ with Cheonan at 7:30 pm on the 19th at Cheonan Sports Complex.

In the recent league, the draw has increased to 4 games. It’s a pity that we couldn’t continue the good flow in the beginning. In order to advance to the playoffs, which is the goal set for this season, the winless chain must be broken as soon as possible.

Gimpo FC suffered an unfortunate defeat in the last 7 rounds 2-3, but there was hope. The breathing of Thiago and Gabriel, who should do the core attack, is getting closer and closer. Thiago is getting better and better with Gabriel’s help.

Following the 3rd round of the FA Cup with Suwon Samsung last time, the match against Gimpo was also losing, and it continued to bite until the end. Defenders such as Jang Yu-seop and Yoo Jun-soo not only gave them fighting spirit by scoring goals, but also awakened the strikers. If you reduce the number of runs from the beginning of the recent game, it is worth expecting the return of sticky and solid Ansan football.

Cheonan, the opponent this time, is a new team that came up from K3 (third division) last season and participated in K League 2 for the first time this season. Ansan will have their first match this season.

Cheonan is showing a lack of experience, a common weakness of new teams. So far this season, they are struggling with 7 losses.온라인바카라

Carelessness is forbidden. Cheonan is highly likely to use its home advantage to make every effort to win its first match against Ansan. After all, mental strength is also the key to winning. Ansan can take a step closer to victory if it does not fall behind the opponent in fighting spirit and concentration throughout the game.

Attention is focusing on whether Ansan, which has no place to back down, will even achieve a reversal of the atmosphere by winning its first confrontation with Cheonan.

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