The name that came to my mind during SSG’s ‘3rd Camp’… The ground of misfortune, Kim Won-hyung is also sad

 SSG is actually conducting battery training from February to March 28th. This is why, following the 1st Camp in Florida and the 2nd Camp in Okinawa, the demonstration game is the only one of the 10 clubs to play ‘all game away’.

He has already toured the southern region, taking pictures of Daegu, Busan, Changwon, Daejeon, and Gwangju. Finally, this ‘third camp’ ends with an expedition to the metropolitan area of ​​Suwon and Jamsil. It’s been a while since the key players couldn’t go home. Both the players and the coaching staff are having a hard time. There is a reason why the de facto ‘camp’ has continued until now. This is because of the construction of Incheon SSG Landers Field, the home stadium.

Landers Field, which is under construction every winter and spring, but this year’s ‘size’ of construction is different. The key is to dig up all the soil and grass in the stadium and lay a new one. Although Landersfield has undergone minor reinforcement work since its opening, it has never undergone a full-scale construction like this time. The budget has been put in quite large, and we are currently finishing the work.

players are welcome This is because the ground and grass have been so bad that it was difficult to get the ball bouncing direction properly. In the infield, the coaches always begged the field managers to “sprinkle as much water as possible” before the game. In the outfield, as seen in the Korean Series last year, the bounds often bounced strangely. Basically, the ground was rotten, so there was no point in making a makeshift solution. Drainage was not good either. Improvements are expected this year.

SSG coach Kim Won-hyung said, “The floor and ground have to be hard enough so that the players can hit and run, and the grass protects the body (when sliding).” Lee) When they entered, they didn’t get pushed, they just dug in.” At the same time, he smiled bitterly at the name that came out of nowhere. Ha Jae-hun (33), an outfielder who was injured during a practice game in Okinawa, was the main character.

Ha Jae-hoon, who had high expectations for his strong training and growth, injured his shoulder during a diving catch during a practice game in Okinawa, Japan, and is currently undergoing rehabilitation. Director Kim explained that the influence of the land and grass cannot be overlooked. Coach Kim compared Literature with the old city and the stadium where the game was held at the time, and said, “The reason Jae-hoon was injured in Okinawa was that the ground was rather hard there. It is a pity that there might not have been an injury if it had been in the middle of Literature, Old City and Stadium. It’s literally bad luck.

Ha Jae-hoon, who turned to the hitter again last year, finished the season with a taste of both possibilities and limitations. As soon as the season was over, he joined the Australian Professional League Geelong Korea and diligently turned the bat. As much as his talent is certain, he gave up rest to fill the sense of the real game that he had lost so far. He performed well, and continued that momentum to the Florida camp, gathering expectations from the coaching staff. But here he was seriously injured with one defense. This is a point where not only the players but also coach Kim are discouraged.

Manager Kim said,메이저놀이터 “It’s very unfortunate. Last year, a player applied and went to Geelong Korea, and I showed a good performance there. That’s how I came to Okinawa. Even Okinawa was fine.” Although it has changed to a generation that pursues a balance between rest and training, Ha Jae-hoon really trained and put in a lot of effort even in the eyes of coach Kim, who was a pro in the previous generation. So it’s more unfortunate that he can’t show the results.

Ha Jae-hoon is still taking absolute rest. Although he avoided surgery, his entry into the opening roster was thwarted, and he may miss much of the first half depending on his rehabilitation process. The most worrying thing is that the successful cells of the body that have been accumulated so far disappear while taking a break. As the priority is to return to health, interest is gathering in his rehabilitation process.

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