The king of insolvency and negligent management… Seoincheon Safe’s ‘suspicious’ interest rate

In order to prevent Saemaul Geumgo from collapsing스포츠토토, even commercial banks decided to provide 6 trillion won. Saemaul Geumgo is responsible, but other financial institutions are also being mobilized for defense. By the way, if this practice does not disappear, we have covered cases that show the reality of poor and negligent management, wondering what the use of external support will be. This is where the suspicion that the safe changed the interest rate like candy and applied it at will.

This is reporter Choi Yeon-soo.


Mr. A, who is self-employed, received a 2 billion won mortgage loan from the Seoincheon head office of Saemaul Geumgo.

He is 3 years ago.

But at the end of last year, interest suddenly doubled from 3.5% to 7%.

I asked the safe and they said it was because my credit rating was down.

When I went to the board to complain, the answer was different.

[Saemaeul Geumgo loan customer: The safe is in the red. So, they say that the interest rate has gone up this much.]

There was a reason. This is the internal audit report obtained by


It is written that it was confirmed that the new loan interest rate different from the interest rate decided by the board of directors was applied.

They raised the interest rate to make up for the deficit and blamed the customer’s credit rating.

It was found that at least 100 customers suffered damage in this way, and the loan amount exceeded 44 billion won.

There was also a testimony that the head of the vault rather reduced the interest to his acquaintances.

An official from Saemaul Geumgo said, “The chairman gave an interest rate of 6% to the upper 4% to acquaintances.”

However, Seoincheon Saemaul Geumgo denied all the allegations.

When the base rate changes, the loan rate automatically changes.

[Seoincheon Saemaul Geumgo Chairman: This is what the people in charge do according to the standard (interest rate). The chairman said, ‘Hey, upload this. You can’t do this by downloading this.]

The Incheon Metropolitan Police Agency secured an audit report and started an investigation.

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